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Treating Bamboo Using Transpiration

Ever gone to the effort of harvesting and making beautiful things with bamboo just to see it crumble away with a borer insect infestation? Many great building and crafting bamboo varieties are exceptionally vulnerable to being eaten out by the Powder Post Beetle...

Polly’s Blog – a pig’s-eye view

Juicy Banana trunk slices from the Fruit Forest

I got the best treat ever, Banana Stem Slices. These slices are probably my favourite treats. I watched the team as they chatted about getting the machetes to harvest the Bananas from a big Banana plant in the Fruit Forest. The Banana stems are quite wide, and juicy...

Scarecrow Johnny visiting Djanbung Gardens

It was busy in the garden, I was listening to everyone laughing, and I had a look out my house  to see who was there an what they were up to to cause so much hilarity. I looked over to the gazebo and there was lots of people laughing with a scarecrow. Hmm I...
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Catch and Store Energy

Catch and Store Energy Principle 2: Make Hay While The Sun Shines (Valentin Jung)   This article is based on the presentation (Catch and Store Energy) I put together to present in class at Djanbung Gardens on the 18. March 13.   Energy is critical for our...


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