Nicole Foss in Nimbin – Surviving Collapse

We live in uncertain times with the converging pressures of energy, environment, resources, financial crisis and climate change. How will this effect us locally and what can we do to mitigate the impacts are some of the questions Nicole Foss will explore at her...

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Divestment – Money As A Force For Good

Jaydon Inott, after making numerous eco-sensitive lifestyle changes, realised the institutions handling his money were bankrolling the very systems causing the problems. He decided to divest from destruction with a simple 4-step process and join the global movement...

Treating Bamboo Using Transpiration

Ever gone to the effort of harvesting and making beautiful things with bamboo just to see it crumble away with a borer insect infestation? Many great building and crafting bamboo varieties are exceptionally vulnerable to being eaten out by the Powder Post Beetle...

Polly’s Blog – a pig’s-eye view

Polly Kulcha

After a couple of weeks just chilling out and getting ready for the PDC (Permaculture Design Course), it’s all go here, the course has started. I watched as people started to arrive and wow, there was 20 people that  I counted. There was a few of them come over...

Juicy Banana trunk slices from the Fruit Forest

I got the best treat ever, Banana Stem Slices. These slices are probably my favourite treats. I watched the team as they chatted about getting the machetes to harvest the Bananas from a big Banana plant in the Fruit Forest. The Banana stems are quite wide, and juicy...
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Catch and Store Energy

Catch and Store Energy Principle 2: Make Hay While The Sun Shines (Valentin Jung)   This article is based on the presentation (Catch and Store Energy) I put together to present in class at Djanbung Gardens on the 18. March 13.   Energy is critical for our...


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