IPC11 Cuba Report

Robyn Francis and Melian Fertl, representing PCA and Djanbung Gardens, joined over 420 delegates from 47 countries converging in Cuba for the 11th International Permaculture Convention, November-December 2013. Robyn reports on the experience. Salsa and Rum – Welcome...

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Permaculture rocks in Sydney’s inner west

Michele Margolis is passionate about grassroots urban permaculture, here she updates us on what happening in Sydney’s inner west. Cities are a bit harder than little towns in some ways but easier in others — and there’s plenty going on in Sydney in...

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Bellamar Gardens, Cuba

Bellamar Gardens is one of the exctiting new major permaculture projects in Cuba, located near Matanzas, just a hundred meters from the famous Bellamar Caves. I was invited to consult on the project when I visited Cuba in 2009 when the land had quite recently been...

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Wildlife – Freeranging at Djanbung

Wildlife is welcome here but not cats or dogs…. It was twenty years ago that I made the momentous decision to take on a 5 acre degraded cow pasture and restore it to biodiversity and abundance as a permaculture education centre and wildlife sanctuary. I remember...

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Macro to Micro: Introducing Eco-Social Matrix

The Eco-Social Matrix (ESM) developed by permaculture designer, Robyn Francis, provides a useful tool for bioregional planning, human settlement and ecovillage design, transition initiatives, and for thinking more deeply about the consequences of where we live in...

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Natural cleaning- simple, safe and inexpensive

My grandmother was a great source of practical wisdom — born in the 1880’s she grew up in a world kept clean and hygienic with simple natural ingredients and common household items.  The world changed post WWII as we entered the era of booming corporations,...

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