Davidson Plum – Rainforest flavours

Davidson Plum Davidsonia pruriens var. jerseyana  A bombshell of colour and intense clean, tart flavour, Davidson Plum has become one of my favourite bushfood fruits in the kitchen. This tall (3-4m) slender rainforest plant will grow and bear in the tiniest garden...

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Ozone – a silent peril at ground level

Robyn Francis reports, March 2012 We learned of the importance of ozone in the stratosphere when it depleted to allow harmful levels of ultra-violet rays to reach the earth’s surface, so ozone up there is a good thing, but not so good closer to earth in the...

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Glyphosate toxicity

Glyphosate toxicity – impacts on the environment and non-target species A few important facts not readily found in information from Monsanto-funded and lobbied government agencies and conservation programs, and subsequently not common knowledge amongst bush...

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Piggies at Work

Photo journal of a pig tractor garden Pigs are amazing biological ploughs – their snout is exceptionally strong and designed for excavating the earth in search of tasty morsels buried underground, especially tubers and roots, and also fungi and insects. In...

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‘Simple Steps to a Better Tomorrow’

Annual Open Day 2011 organised by APT students at Permaculture College Australia ‘Simple Steps to a Better Tomorrow’ nicely sums up the Open Day on June 11 at The Permaculture College Australia, and it’s going to be a whopper! Not only will the Cert 3, 4 and...

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The End of Growth

The End of Growth – Richard Heinberg ” The central assertion of this book is both simple and startling: Economic growth as we have known it is over and done with.      … we are seeing a perfect storm of converging crises that...

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Art, Activism and Permaculture

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, known for instigating the famous bicycle protest at Copenhagen, explain how permaculture influences their approach to activism and civil disobedience – this interview with the Laboratory’s co-founders Isa...

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