It is theoretically possible to do both concurrently in the program at Djanbung Gardens, however completing all the course assessment projects for both certificates is a lot of work to complete in 1 study year. For those who definitely wish to obtain both qualifications it is recommended to allow 3 semesters to complete requirements for both courses.

The integrated accredited program is designed so you can catch up on Cert III skills while doing your Certificate IV, also up 3 Cert III units can be completed as part of your Cert IV.

Participants who really want to do Cert IV and become designers but lack the practical knowledge and skills from Cert III have the opportunity to fast track this while doing Cert IV course without having to spend a year doing Cert III first.

It really depends on how you wish to practice permaculture – implementing systems on the ground or operating as a designer and project officer – and of course, how much time you wish to spend on gaining these skills and put into your studies. If you are looking to both design AND implement systems, you can choose to do the certificates concurrently, sequentially (one after the other) or simply enrol for Cert IV knowing you have the opportunity to develop the implemtation skills of Cert III while doing your Cert IV work.