You can attain the APT Diploma in the following ways, depending on your level of experience in permaculture.

• Flexible Learning & RPL  If you’ve a good foundation of practical permaculture experience in addition to your PDC, you can participate in the Design Skills/FLOW and other short courses to address your skills gaps

• If you’ve extensive permaculture experience + PDC, you might consider gaining your diploma via RPL assessment – if you’ve major skills and knowledge gaps you can discuss which short courses and projects work will best suit you for completing your diploma

• you can enrol in our Diploma program and apply for RPL recognition of the knowledge and skills you’ve already gained from PDC and other permaculture and related experience and studies.

The APT Diploma of Permaculture requires completing 11 units of competency. The Diploma core units are covered in the Cert IV core training. There are also several short courses pertaining specifically to diploma studies – see the current program or ask our staff.