There’s several ways you can do this, depending on your knowledge and skills and what you have been doing since the PDC.

1. Experienced permaculturists can apply for a qualification under RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) or RCC (Recognition of Current Competency). Please download and read through these RPL documents

2. If you think you require further training in specific areas, check out our short course and professional development program and select courses to give you the knowledge and skills you lack. You can gain your qualification as a combination of Flexible Learning and RPL. Flexible Learning is only available for Cert IV, not for Cert III.

3. If you’ve only done a PDC and haven’t much experience we recommend doing the Cert III or Cert IV as full-time studies. You will receive a credit for having already completed a PDC. If you choose to do Cert IV through Flexible Learning you will need to find a community garden, permaculture farm or experienced permaculturist to support your hands-on practical skills.

4. You can join our full-time APT training for the 10-week internship conducted each term 2 (late April to end June) , but you will also need to undertake the design skills/flow short course. NB we have had students with PDC and some experience really benefit from this half semester APT training to complete their Cert IV in Permaculture qualification.