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Edible forest gardens

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Saturday April 29: 10 am-3.30 pm at Djanbung gardens

Do you want to grow fruits for all seasons in an ecological, abundant ecosystem teaming with beneficial insects in an edible forest garden? The one day course Fruits for all seasons, will assist you in designing a garden, with abundant year round fruit supply.


Saturday April 29 $85/$65 Earlybird for the day/ includes lunch

Product Description


This Forest Garden one-day workshop with Janelle Schafer will help you to design an edible forest garden. This course covers some key considerations when designing and implementing a fruit forest garden. Strategies for success. Learn about the plants and ecosystems which you wish to create.

The topics covered will include:

Placement for sun and shelter from wind and frost- design strategies to maximise food production and minimise unnecessary design mistakes.

Sub-tropical to Warm Temperate Fruits– learn strategies to grow delicious sub-tropical fruits, and which of the warm temperate species do best in the northern rivers of NSW. Discover what varieties to plant, and when they fruit.

Self-fertilising strategies– reduce the carbon footprint of your forest garden by growing nutrient accumulating plants . What plants can do this? Which animals can you incorporate into your Forest garden system, and when can you do it without damaging the trees.

Ecological pest and disease control– how can we attract beneficial insects, frogs, owls and lizards into our orchards to help with pest control. Learn about flowering understorey ground covers and shrubs and selection for year round nectar.




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