Natural Dyeing & Basket Weaving


This fun, creative workshop with Janelle Schafer and Kim Tait will be held at Djanbung Gardens, 74 Cecil St Nimbin on June 18th, from 10 am-3.30 pm. The workshop includes techniques for producing vibrant colours from natural materials and basket making. Book here to attend this course.



Natural Vegetable Dyes

Learn how to produce vibrant colours from plants and natural mordants. Janelle Schafer, a visual artist, has worked with natural vegetable dyes since the 1970’s. This course includes techniques to extract beautiful colours from plants using natural mordants. One of the colours being produced is madder red. This is the famous red dye from India and  was used in the traditional Turkey red of Persian carpets. To contrast vegetables/weeds from the gardens will be used to produce a pale green. Natural mordants will be used to treat the fabrics first.

Basket Weaving

Kim Tait is an experienced Basket Weaver. She blends a range of skills learned through many years of inquiry into traditional weaving methods. Kim will show you the method for processing banana stalk and how to make baskets from Bangalow palm fronds. Kim has worked with a range of weaving techniques, using many local weed species as a practical alternative.

This workshop day of fun and creativity will give you the ability to create colourful baskets from natural renewable materials.


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