Summer Intensive PDC with Robyn Francis & team

The Permaculture Design Course : 15-day  Permaculture Design Course- January 9-23, 2016

Get inspired and empowered with a permaculture perspective and knowledge to make a difference in the world. Doing a PDC at Djanbung Gardens you can fully immerse yourself in an established working permaculture farm where the concepts taught are practiced.

The course meets a common international standard as a foundation course for permaculture practitioners and teachers. Based on the full original 72-hour PDC curriculum developed by Bill Mollison, the course is constantly updated with new developments in earth science, permaculture and associated regenerative and sustainability practices.

The PCA teaching team has been trained by Robyn Francis, internationally renowned permaculture pioneer, educator and designer, founder of Djanbung Gardens and PCA, and globally regarded as one of permaculture’s most experienced trainers and practitoners.

The dynamic PCA training team: Robyn Francis, Janelle Schafer, Guy Stewart, Melian Fertl, Annaliese Hordern and guest speakers

Course commences 9am Sat 9th January and Ends 4pm Sat 23rd Jan  NB participants are encouraged to arrive on Friday 8th  (catering does not start until lunchtime Sat)

Course fee includes all tuition, PDC Handbook, e-resources, full catering and free on-site camping. Limited on-site accommodation available at extra cost or check out accommodation options nearby in Nimbin village. We have a few tents available for hire.

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Product Description

Course will cover the following topics:

Permaculture principles and ethics as defined by Mollison and Holmgren

  • Ecological basis of permaculture and approaches for creative problem solving

Ecoliteracy & essential earth science

  • Patterns in Nature and human culture
  • Landform & landscape reading, interpreting contour maps
  • Water in landscape: water management & storage strategies, earthworks
  • Forest ecology and role in the environment
  • Soil: maintaining a healthy, living soil system, composting and soil rejuvenation.
  • Microclimates: identify and create specific microclimates, windbreak design
  • Earth’s climate system, how it’s changing, and features of major climate zones: temperate, tropical and arid

Permaculture Design for Cultivated Ecologies

Design process and methodology, patterns in design, site analysis, zone and sector planning

  • Energy and resource conserving housing, passive solar design and appropriate technology and energy systems
  • Home garden design: edible landscapes, small scale intensive vegetable production
  • Orchard and food forest systems for temperate, subtropic and tropical climates
  • Main crops: growing staple crops for self reliance and income generating crops
  • Integrated Animal Systems: poultry and small livestock, beekeeping, sustainable grazing systems & farm animals.
  • Aquaculture: low maintenance freshwater aquaculture systems for ponds & farm dams and edible water plants.
  • Treecrops: designing structural forests for fuel, timber & other yields, agroforestry, coppice woods etc. Sustainable strategies for broad acre production.
  • Conservation forests for watershed management, native flora & fauna, reforestation, wildlife management, wildlife corridors, bushfoods.
  • Integrated pest and weed management.
  • Design for Disaster: Fire & other catastrophe

Social Permaculture Systems

  • Bioregions, transition and power of community
  • Community economics, legal frameworks and governance
  • Human settlements, ecovillages and cohousing
  • Urban strategies for cities and towns

Permaculture at Work – local and global networks, opportunities for practice and ongoing learning and experience, being an agent of change.

This is an intensive course covering the essential knowledge for designing and practicing permaculture.

Course activities include presentations and lectures, group activities, practical sessions, field observation, group design project, evening films and campfires (weather permitting). Participants staying on site are encouraged to participate in the daily rosters for feeding and maintaining the animals and gardens.


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