Polly taking Robyn for a Walk around Djanbung Gardens

I was lying in my house, I’d had a busy morning watching the team go back & forwards. First they were making compost, I listened to them chatting about how it’s made, really?? my poo helps to make the compost, and the chicken poo apparently. Well there you go.


To make compost it’s ….. polly poo, chicken poo, comfrey leaf, and straw. I heard them say that it takes 4-6 weeks and its compost.

I got the best surprise when Robyn opened my gate and kept it open, that could only mean one thing…. We were going for a walk around Djanbung Gardens. I love going for a walk. Robyn had my favourite treat beer coated bread.  Out I trotted, ready for my stroll in the afternoon sun.

Miss M, Lesley and Mark were going too, oooh cameras, so it was a photoshoot. I decided to give them someting to get good shots of, I trotted of slowly just in front of everyone, cameras clicking away. We walked towards the Tropical Garden where they grow vegetables, past the  the student plot, and then past the  Hill Garden.

Once I knew I was quite infront of everyone, I took off.  Ha, I trotted away and then started to run away away from them towards the Tropical Fruit Forest, and I could hear them shouting on me. I stopped to have a sniff and let them catch up because I knew Robyn had my treats, yumm.

So after good run around enjoying myself in the Fruit Forest, I walked back to Robyn and the others for my bread treat. I happily sat and waited patiently for my treats, yummy reward.

We walked back through the bamboo, and past the carriages where the Yam was, so I went back for some more yam. yumm more treats. Then I took the slow stroll back to my house. It was a great walk around the gardens.

Someone made a video of the photoshoot so you can join me on the full adventure around the gardens…



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