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Featured articles about all things permaculture, stories of projects, recipes, food for thought and what’s happening to planet earth.  Includes he most comprehensive collection of writings by Robyn Francis.

Permaculture rocks in Sydney’s inner west

Michele Margolis is passionate about grassroots urban permaculture, here she updates us on what happening in Sydney’s inner west. Cities are a bit harder than little towns in some ways but easier in others — and there’s plenty going on in Sydney in...

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Student posts

Reports, news and projects by our PCA students

Bio Gas

So many people have a way of complaining about problems without providing solutions. We all know that CSG is a bad thing for our world. Combined with the ever-oppressive thought of global warming, biogas stands out as a wonderful solution to use waste for energy...

Bangalow Palm workshop

Back to Nature – Bangalow Palm Workshop (Gudren Buhler) My workshop was based on crafts from nature.   As part of the workshop I demonstrated a water carrying box made from a Bangalow Palm leaf frond. This was traditionally used by the indigenous people of...

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Team blogs

From PCA staff  and Djanbung team

A Permaculture Plot to a Permaculture Town

A series of Eco-villages in the making Declan Kennedy, founding director of Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) reflects on his visit to Djanbung Gardens and Jarlanbah Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Centre near Nimbin is a living example of celebrating abundance. It...

Permaculture Launched in Taiwan

Permaculture Launched in Taiwan Taiwan is embracing permaculture with the first Permaculture Design Course starting Oct 26 in Taipei. Robyn Francis has been invited to Taiwan to conduct the course which will be translated into Chinese. The course organiser, Peter...

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Graduates Stories

See what our alumni graduates and former students are doing

Integrating Biochar in Permaculture

“The movement to integrate Biochar into our soils must be localized in scale, and by preferably utilizing the waste products of other systems as to ensure any wider environmental damage is minimized.”   Integration of Biochar Into Existing...

Courses in Hong Kong – Robyn Francis 2016

Robyn Francis will be teaching a PDC, Permaculture Aid course and Urban Permaculture seminar in Hong Kong, March-April 2016. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn with one of permaculture’s leading practitioners and trainers. The training series is being...

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Djanbung Gardens and our favourites videos about permaculture and sustainability

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Dganbung Gardens

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dganbung means platypus

Djanbung (pronounced with a hard ‘j’ and silent ‘d’) means platypus in the local Wiyabul dialect – the name was given by senior Bundjalung elder and lore keeper, Uncle Eric Walker.

Discover more about the indigenous significance of the Djanbung.

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