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Featured articles about all things permaculture, stories of projects, recipes, food for thought and what’s happening to planet earth.  Includes he most comprehensive collection of writings by Robyn Francis.

Natural cleaning- simple, safe and inexpensive

My grandmother was a great source of practical wisdom -- born in the 1880’s she grew up in a world kept clean and hygienic with simple natural ingredients and common household items.  The world changed post WWII as we entered the era of booming corporations,...

Davidson Plum – Rainforest flavours

Davidson Plum Davidsonia pruriens var. jerseyana  A bombshell of colour and intense clean, tart flavour, Davidson Plum has become one of my favourite bushfood fruits in the kitchen. This tall (3-4m) slender rainforest plant will grow and bear in the tiniest garden...

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Student posts

Reports, news and projects by our PCA students

Rural Regeneration

Rural Regeneration: Good things happen in small places Just when I thought there was no hope for rural Australian communities, I've discovered a beacon of hope in a place least expected!   After observing my small country home town in inland northern NSW disintegrate...

Permablitz – Part III

 Permablitz in my Rental Backyard III - Winter Solstice Abundance! A small selection from the winter harvest It’s dead smack in the middle of winter at Batcastle Gardens, but that’s no deterrent for hardcore veggie-gardening addicts.   We’re still bursting at the...

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Team blogs

From PCA staff  and Djanbung team

Taste the Bush in the Backyard

“Good food is at the heart of bushfood permaculture." "Local native species conservation takes on a new and more immediate meaning. Some bushfoods are amazingly productive, with the added advantage of being packed with intense, wild flavours. It’s just the beginning...

Amazon Permaculture Field Trip

I can’t imagine a better way to be lost on the Amazon than in the company of 35 international permaculture delegates on a boat with a week’s supply of food on board. Yes, the pilot got us lost several times during the journey from Manaus to the permaculture project...

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Graduates Stories

See what our alumni graduates and former students are doing

Making Cassava Flour

Cassava flour is easy to make with basic kitchen equipment. It’s gluten free for those with celiac problems. I use it for making pancakes, slices and cookies, and mix it (half/half) with other flours for making breads or pizza dough. Cassava, also known as Tapioca or...

Integrating Biochar in Permaculture

"The movement to integrate Biochar into our soils must be localized in scale, and by preferably utilizing the waste products of other systems as to ensure any wider environmental damage is minimized."   Integration of Biochar Into Existing Permaculture Systems -...

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Djanbung Gardens and our favourites videos about permaculture and sustainability

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dganbung means platypus

Djanbung (pronounced with a hard ‘j’ and silent ‘d’) means platypus in the local Wiyabul dialect – the name was given by senior Bundjalung elder and lore keeper, Uncle Eric Walker.

Discover more about the indigenous significance of the Djanbung.

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