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Featured articles about all things permaculture, stories of projects, recipes, food for thought and what’s happening to planet earth.  Includes he most comprehensive collection of writings by Robyn Francis.

Farmers of Hong Kong

More than a concrete jungle, Hong Kong boasts almost 550 organic farms: traditional family farms, small enterprise farms and over 300 educational and leisure farms. Leisure farms are a variation on community gardens that rent out garden plots to urban dwellers, known...

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Student posts

Reports, news and projects by our PCA students

Permaculture Kids Album

Charlie Mgee, graduate of PCA, Djanbung Gardens, is fundraising to complete a special fun album of music for kids to inspire and educate about permaculture and what they can do to care for the earth. For the past three years, since completing his studies here,...

Slow Food Movement: A Permacultural Digest

Slow Food Movement monitoring news: A digest of recent articles and publications on the Movement and how they relate to Permaculture compiled by Jorja Callow 07/ November 2014 What Slow Food can teach Clean Energy by Sonja van Renssen From Renssen’s time in Turin at...

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Team blogs

From PCA staff  and Djanbung team

Wild Foraging in Iceland

I’ve just been on a wild forage walk harvesting a salad for dinner tonight. This has become a daily joy since I arrived here in Iceland three days ago. On the bus journey from the airport into Reykjavik I noticed a lot of familiar plants growing on the roadside...

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Graduates Stories

See what our alumni graduates and former students are doing

Repair Cafe at Djanbung

Most of us have things that need a little repair or maintenance, but often it’s hard to find the time and/or the tools or skills to do the job. The idea of the Repair Café is to bring people together to help each other repair and maintain things in a fun and sociable...

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Djanbung Gardens and our favourites videos about permaculture and sustainability

Pig tractor in action…

Video of Robyn Francis taking Polly and Pudge off to work to prepare the pig tractor garden for it’s third annual planting season…. see our pig tractor in action – they are having such...

There’s no such thing as waste

There’s no such thing as waste Charie Jones got creative for his Permaculture Principles presentation during his Certificate III in Permaculture studies at Djanbung Gardens and wrote a song. It was an instant hit with the class and eventually evolved into this...

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Djanbung (pronounced with a hard ‘j’ and silent ‘d’) means platypus in the local Wiyabul dialect – the name was given by senior Bundjalung elder and lore keeper, Uncle Eric Walker.

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