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Featured articles about all things permaculture, stories of projects, recipes, food for thought and what’s happening to planet earth.  Includes he most comprehensive collection of writings by Robyn Francis.

Slaves to Convenience or Conscious Consumer?

Robyn Francis writes on the art of being a conscious consumer to reduce your eco-footprint, save money and enjoy better health. Wendell Berry once said that it’s not an environmental crisis we face but a crisis of character. He was referring to the fact that the...

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Student posts

Reports, news and projects by our PCA students

Open Day Program

Djanbung Gardens Open Day Program Saturday 13 June 10am First Tour 10.45 What is Permaculture? 11.15 Introduction to Bees and Bee Keeping 11.45 Understanding Seasons and the Sun 12.15 Chook Tractors Sustainable School Gardens with Michelle Taylor 1.00 Puppet Show Tour...

Al’s farm

AL'S FARM Al is one of the major suppliers of honey for this area. He currently has 8 bee hives. Usually he has around 16 hives but half he has lost to small hive beetle.  Opening the hive. Before opening up the hive he showed the flight path of the bees as they...

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Team blogs

From PCA staff  and Djanbung team

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Graduates Stories

See what our alumni graduates and former students are doing

Natural dye and Basket weaving workshop

Janelle Schafer will demonstrate techniques using natural mordants to create long-lasting colours from materials from the natural plant world. From local rainforest sawdusts, to seasonal flowers and weeds, a range of beautiful colours will be created. Kim Tait, an...

Wild Foraging in Iceland

I've just been on a wild forage walk harvesting a salad for dinner tonight. This has become a daily joy since I arrived here in Iceland three days ago. On the bus journey from the airport into Reykjavik I noticed a lot of familiar plants growing on the roadside...

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Djanbung Gardens and our favourites videos about permaculture and sustainability

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dganbung means platypus

Djanbung (pronounced with a hard ‘j’ and silent ‘d’) means platypus in the local Wiyabul dialect – the name was given by senior Bundjalung elder and lore keeper, Uncle Eric Walker.

Discover more about the indigenous significance of the Djanbung.

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Student Projects

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