‘Simple Steps to a Better Tomorrow’

Annual Open Day 2011 organised by APT students at Permaculture College Australia

‘Simple Steps to a Better Tomorrow’ nicely sums up the Open Day on June 11 at The Permaculture College Australia, and it’s going to be a whopper! Not only will the Cert 3, 4 and Diploma students get a chance to show off their knowledge by hosting workshops, tours, talks, sustainability displays and lots more, but also there will be a book launch to follow!

The book, ‘Pioneers of Permaculture’, is a compilation story featuring those ground breaking Permies who got the movement happening, with a lovely section on Robyn Francis (Owner, Educator and Permie Extraordinaire of Djanbung Gardens).

Some extra special guests during the day will include some well known Permies from the USA spreading the word through an innovative project entitled ‘Surfers Without Boarders’, and the musical wonders of Kindling, a funky slow soul duo, spin off from the popular smooth reggae band Kooii.

The 2011 Open Day theme is ‘Simple Steps to a Better Tomorrow’, and you’re invited to come and learn some easy, take-home ideas that you can begin now, to start creating a better world for yourself and for those you love. Workshops will include, Grow Your Own Natural Crafts, Make a Worm Farm, Wild Food Gathering and Recipes, Growing Healthy Communities, Bamboo Construction, Making Compost Teas, and heaps more, oh, and some activities  for kids!

You’ll be entertained, educated, networked and solution-ized!

Everything is fun and everything is free – except of course for the delicious snacks at the café, books, take-home goodies and incredible edible tubers for your garden. Donations most welcome to support fundraising for Permaculture College Australia Inc

Displays, Canteen refreshments & product sales 9.30-4.30

Garden tours & short workshops 9.30-3.30

Music: Kindling 3.30-4pm

Booklaunch 4pm

at Djanbung Gardens, 74 Cecil St, Nimbin (200m past showground)

Ph 6689 1755

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