Localising Food with Robina McCurdy

Join us for two inspiring evenings with Robina McCurdy from New Zealand presenting a series of  ‘Localising Food’ documentaries at Djanbung Gardens on August 9 and 10.

Robina McCurdyRobina McCurdy is currently touring Australia presenting the Localising Food documentaries Growing Schools and SOS Save Our Seeds. Robina is looking forward to her Nimbin visit and reconnecting with the community. In 2010  she facilitated a series of Food Resilience workshops for the Nimbin Food Security initiative, connecting local growers, businesses and the community, which fed into much of what has happened since, such as the Blue Knob and Nimbin farmers markets, and NNIC food equipment library.

During 2012-2014 Robina directed a small voluntary team of New Zealand permaculture educators from Earthcare Education Aotearoa, engaged in an ambitious teaching and filming tour: the Localising Food Project. They found a bounty of creative local food initiatives across Aotearoa (NZ), and discovered many networks weren’t aware of each other. From the 250 stories they captured on video, they are distilling a series of documentaries aimed at disseminating successful local models, and inspiring a more self-sufficient, food-resilient nation.

So far, they have produced two documentaries, Growing Schools (2015) and SOS: Save Our Seeds (2016) with more to come: ‘Fruit & Nuts Unlimited’, ‘Rural-Urban Food Link’ and ‘Community Gardens Everywhere’. They have also uploaded a selection of 3-minute video clips under the theme, ‘Super-productive Home Gardens’ on their website www.localisingfood.com



Djanbung Gardens: Tues Aug 9, 7pm. Cover charge $8/$5   Cafe open from 5.30pm for drinks and meals.

Growing Schools showcases empowered NZ children involved in transforming their school grounds into abundant food gardens and nature havens. It explores the proven benefits of gardening and nature connection for children’s motivation, academic achievement, health and wellbeing. These stories exemplify how the wider community can play a vital part in supporting and sustaining a school garden programme, for the benefit of all. It is made for teachers, parents, policy-makers, environmental educators and permaculture facilitators – but engaging for kids too…”  This two hour documentary is presented in four parts:

  • ‘AWAKENING GARDENERS’ – Edible Learnscapes & Nature Havens in Early Childhood Centres’,
  • ‘GROWING GARDENERS’ – Transforming School Grounds Into Productive Learning Environments’,
  • ‘ENRICHING GARDENERS’ – Gardening at the Heart of the School Curriculum’,
  • ‘EMPOWERING GARDENERS’ – Schools as Community Food Hubs’

In September 2015, Robina McCurdy launched this 4-part documentary at the International Permaculture Conference in London, saying “I dedicate this Growing Schools documentary to the global seeding of Permaculture in Schools, for the wellbeing of future generations, the transformation of our education system, and the flourishing of our planet”.  In recognition of its value as an internationally applicable resource, it is now being  translated into Slovenian, Spanish and French.



Djanbung Gardens: Wed, Aug 9, 7pm. Cover charge $8/$5   Cafe open from 5.30pm for drinks and meals.

This film, released June 2016, addresses the severe decline in seed varieties, the rapid rise of corporate control over our food and seeds, and the legislative implications of the recently endorsed Food Bill and the looming TPPA. It.shares how grass-roots seed saving initiatives are making a difference, through inspirational models of seed swaps, seed exchanges, seed libraries, seed banks, and family seed businesses all around the country – which can be replicated and adapted anywhere. Key messages running through the documentary are: sharing seeds regenerates community, seeds carry cultural heritage, home seed saving is at the root of change, and seed sovereignty is vital for local food security and bioregional resilience.

The short sequel doco Hands-on Seed Saving, shows what you need to know in order to save seed – to ensure its survival for us now and for the wellbeing of our children’s children.


VENUE: Djanbung Gardens, 74 Cecil St Nimbin (300m past showground).

Cover Charge:  $8/$5  each evening (all proceeds support The Localising Food Project)

Abundance Cafe will be open for these two events from 5.30-7.30pm for meals and drinks. Abundance Cafe specialises in local food with over 80% of ingredients sourced from within 30kms of Nimbin. Vegetarian and ethical meat dishes, ‘5km coffee’, homemade cordials, juices, fermented beverages and deserts.

This event is proudly presented by Permaculture College Australia, Djanbung Gardens and Abundance Cafe



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