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About us

Welcome to Djanbung Gardens, international permaculture centre in the beautiful Nimbin valley of northern NSW, Australia. Please meet the team, discover the gardens, our permaculture college, the village and bioregion, and find out about participating, visiting us or joining a tour.

Djanbung Gardens was designed and founded by permaculture pioneer, Robyn Francis, and is globally renowned as one of permaculture’s leading education and demonstration sites. The public programs are managed by Permaculture College Australia Inc, a non-profit organisation specialising in vocational training and community education in permaculture, earth stewardship and sustainable practices.

Our mission is here is to honor the wisdom of the Djanbung spirit by empowering people with knowledge and skills to develop respectful relationships with each other and all beings, as custodians of the earth.


Empowering effective agents of change for a better world… Permaculture College Australia Inc  (PCA) is a non-profit incorporated organisation providing quality training and education in permaculture design and practices.Founded by permaculture pioneer, Robyn Francis,...

Accommodation in Nimbin

Nimbin Village & District Nimbin lies in the heart of the Bundjalung Nation in the lands of the Wyabul peoples. The Nimbin valley is surrounded by ancient sacred sites and lush subtropical rainforests on the southern side of the Wollumbun Caldera (Mount Warning)...




Dganbung Gardens

dganbung means platypus

Djanbung (pronounced with a hard ‘j’ and silent ‘d’) means platypus in the local Wiyabul dialect – the name was given by senior Bundjalung elder and lore keeper, Uncle Eric Walker.

Discover more about the indigenous significance of the Djanbung.