Accredited vocational training in Permaculture

NB. We no longer offer the Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) qualifications and courses but continue to support and promote the APT. Please read on to know more about APT and places where you can study.

The first vocational qualifications in Permaculture were accredited in 2003.  Initially owned by Permaculture International Ltd (PIL, trading as Permaculture Australia) the qualifications have, since June 2016, been formally brought into the new AHC National Training Package with the vocational qualifications in Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation Land Management. The new current permaculture qualifications are:
  • AHC10415 Certificate I in Permaculture
  • AHC21715 Certificate II in Permaculture
  • AHC33815 Certificate III in Permaculture
  • AHC42115 Certificate IV in Permaculture
  • AHC52115 Diploma of Permaculture

Robyn Francis, principal of PCA (Permaculture College Australia) and founding director of PIL, was one of the key original instigators and architects of the permaculture vocational qualifications and accreditation for PIL (2001-03), and ongoing since then as member of the Permaculture national reference group for subsequent APT reviews and re-accreditation. Francis developed the curricula and training programs for PCA to deliver the Permaculture Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma courses at Djanbung Gardens, for over  11 years of accredited training (2005-2015) and graduated a new generation of highly skilled permaculture practitioners, designers and trainers.

Since 2016 the APT qualifications have been formally incorporated into the National Training Package along with the vocational qualifications in Horticulture, Agriculture and CLM (Conservation and Land Management).

PCA has shifted it’s focus on developing training resources to support other colleges around Australia to deliver this training to a wider public. PCA will continue to provide a great program of permaculture and related general and professional development short courses at Djanbung Gardens and elsewhere.

APT Courses in Australia

The following RTOs have offered vocational permaculture courses in the past and have worked with PCA.  There may be administration delays before the RTOs have the new qualifications under AHC  available for enrollments, so please contact them direct with any enquiries.

Byron Regional Community College

NEC, Riverina TAFE .

Djanbung Gardens can offer a special residential internship placement for students enrolled in online or local full-time vocational permaculture studies. Students will have full access to our training and permaculture resources and may undertake projects to fulfill their study requirements. Please enquire for further information.

Graduates from our APT courses are now employed in organic production systems,  organising local food security and transition initiatives, coordinating Community Gardens, City Farms, urban systems and programs on indigenous communities and working in overseas development . Other graduates have established their own enterprises as food producers, permaculture landscapers, designers, teachers, and developing their own properties. Many are instigating community enterprise development, climate change and transition initiatives in their local communities.

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