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Treasure Trove of the Meadows

Meadows - a treasure trove of biodiversity The herb meadows were once an essential component of traditional farming systems in Bavaria and other parts of Europe. I lived in rural Bavaria (Southern Germany) for three years in the mid 1970s, and was fascinated by the...

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Permaculture in Shenzhen, China

In early October I made my third journey to the Chinese city of Shenzhen to teach a PDC with my wonderful Taiwanese colleague, Hui-i Chiang. This was the second full design course hosted by Taihua company at Wutong Island, which they intend to make an annual event. It...

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Wild Foraging in Iceland

I've just been on a wild forage walk harvesting a salad for dinner tonight. This has become a daily joy since I arrived here in Iceland three days ago. On the bus journey from the airport into Reykjavik I noticed a lot of familiar plants growing on the roadside...

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WuTong Island, bringing nature back to the city

In one of China’s big industrial cities there’s an office block growing organic vegies for lunch on the rooftop. WuTong Island is an innovative commercial development in the city of Shenzhen, southern China, right next to Hong Kong. The WuTong Island project consists...

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Venerating and Regenerating Hedgerows

Hedgerows were once a common feature of farmlands in Europe, providing numerous benefits to the environment and farm production. They were valued as a source of food, medicine and crafting materials, as well as offering vital habitat and corridors for wildlife – ever...

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Water-saving Wicking Bed

Wicking beds are raised garden beds with a water reservoir at the base made from pond liner filled with rocks and gravel. Moisture wicks up through the soil to feed the plant roots, thus little is lost to evaporation and plants are encouraged to send their roots down...

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