Learning from Cuba’s Footprint

Target ONE EARTH – Living Within Our Footprint and What we can Learn from Cuba Robyn Francis reports on her visit to Cuba to experience 'first hand' the only nation on earth living within its ecological footprint. We can live better with less - Cuba shows us how...  ...

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The Underground Gardens of Fresno, California

This was a grand adventure for a day off during the PDC in Southern California, a trip to Fresno to visit the amazing underground gardens. Created by Baldassare Forestiere in the early 1900’s, this 10 acre underground labyrinth was hand dug over 40 years with a pick,...

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The Energy Autonomous House

Within the context of atmospheric pollution and climatic change, we must all accept some level of responsibilty; for contributing to the problems and, more positively, to become a part of the solution.   The Energy Autonomous House By Robyn Francis This article was...

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A Permaculture Plot to a Permaculture Town

A series of Eco-villages in the making Declan Kennedy, founding director of Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) reflects on his visit to Djanbung Gardens and Jarlanbah Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Centre near Nimbin is a living example of celebrating abundance. It...

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Permaculture Projects in Cuba

Permaculture Projects in Cuba Robyn Francis visited and documented 40 projects in Cuba during May-June 2008 as part of the Cuba-Australia Permaculture Exchange (CAPE) inaugural exchange program.   The Cuba tour was hosted and organised by the Antonio Núñez Jiménez...

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Make Your Own Herbal Skin Care

Did you know.... Your skin is your largest organ, it respires (breathes), regulates body temperature and absorbs both beneficial and harmful substances into the blood stream, nervous and lymph systems - that includes all the personal soaps, wash gels, shampoos,...

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Postcard from Cuba

Robyn Francis reports from Cuba and the reciprocal visit of the Cuba-Australia Permaculture Exchange. Robyn Francis May 10, 2008 It’s been an interesting 2 weeks since I arrived in Cuba (28th April) to work with the Foundation for Nature and Humanity (FANJ) as part of...

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