Shaping the Future

The call to become an effective agent of change There is a rising tide of awareness of an urgent need to change, which has been accelerating rapidly over the past 12 months. Most people now accept the reality of climate change, and it's connection to increasing...

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Do Nothing, or as Little as Possible

Efficient, labour saving, low maintenance, user-friendly are catch-cries we hear all the time, yet how much unnecessary work do we create for ourselves, often without even being aware of it? Eliminating unnecessary work is intrinsic to good permaculture design.   Bill...

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What is Permaculture?

What is permaculture...? What is the difference between permaculture and organic gardening...? These are questions frequently asked but not always adequately answered - and the answers can vary wildly depending upon who you ask.    Permaculture is primarily about...

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Permaculture 20 Years On

Robyn Francis Reflects on two decades of Permaculture - how it has changed my world view A Radio Essay commissioned by ABC Radio Eye, 1996 I first heard about Permaculture in 1977. I'd just returned to Australia from 5 years in Europe and Asia studying traditional...

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Taste the Bush in the Backyard

“Good food is at the heart of bushfood permaculture." "Local native species conservation takes on a new and more immediate meaning. Some bushfoods are amazingly productive, with the added advantage of being packed with intense, wild flavours. It’s just the beginning...

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Dynamics of Culture

Some thoughts on the issues of teaching in other cultures Cultures are dynamic and human memory short - I have been alarmed at the rapidity of change, at the loss and erosion of sustainable traditional practices as ‘Green Revolution’ techniques and concepts introduced...

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Edible Flowers

Flowers play an important role in an edible landscape and in any food producing permaculture. The benefits of integrating flowering plants into a vegetable garden are numerous: they attract bees and other insects to pollinate and predate on common pests, fragrant...

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Amazon Permaculture Field Trip

I can’t imagine a better way to be lost on the Amazon than in the company of 35 international permaculture delegates on a boat with a week’s supply of food on board. Yes, the pilot got us lost several times during the journey from Manaus to the permaculture project...

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