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Georgia and the family-sized bio-digestor

So many people have a way of complaining about problems without providing solutions.

We all know that CSG is a bad thing for our world. Combined with the ever-oppressive thought of global warming, biogas stands out as a wonderful solution to use waste for energy production.

It’s a win-win solution where the slurry which comes out the end can be used as a nutrient rich, pathogen poor fertiliser for your garden or crops.

It can also be generated on a large or small scale with substrates ranging from manure, vegetable and green waste – – even burning industrial waste. Rather than burning the methane off landfill sites, this gas can be caught and used.

So let’s turn problems into solutions, generate our own gas and petition council to capture the gas from landfill, sewerage and waste sites.

Every bit captured is less in the atmosphere.