Blacksmiths gather at Djanbung Gardens

Blacksmith workshop at Djanbung Gardens

The LandsEnd forge space at Djanbung Gardens is happening. It’s been an important part of our vision to offer such a space for people to revive and share skills in the important ancient art of blacksmithing, tool and knife making.

Blacksmiths underpin all other crafts and trades as they are the ones who forge their tools of trade. The purpose of the building and facilities at LandsEnd is to offer a space for local artisans to practice and share their skills in the forgotten arts and survival crafts.

Now the space is being used for monthly meetings of the recently formed Northern Rivers Knife Makers and Blacksmiths Group. The first meeting was in August 2018, then in October and November. The group meetings will resume in early 2019.

Barney Lund, the coordinator, is optimistic, “So we have had 3 successful forge days so far and if we can keep the momentum going in 2019, I think we will establish a solid network for local blacksmiths, knifemakers and metal artists. Thanks for getting involved and making the last 3 meets such good fun.”

The group meetings are attracting both novices and skilled smiths sharing their knowledge and experience. The November meeting was a hive of activity with numerous forges and anvils in use to make tongs, a critical tool for smithing.

Barney reflected on the last forge day for the year. “This was a tong making day using blanks prepared by Mark. Despite some issues with tong orientation we learnt some good basic skills like cutting, twisting and forging the jaws, drawing out reigns and drifting rivet holes. We plan to hold another tong making day next year so we can properly finish some, although I’m pretty certain Tobias will make another cool dragon too!.”
“I personally think having some structured lessons as a group is a good way to learn skills and to share a common experience.”

Tobias Griffith exploring new techniques for creative blacksmithing

The team at PCA and Djanbung Gardens look forward to this growing and to hosting a ‘Forgotton Arts Fair” in August 2019. Please get in touch if you have skills you would like to share with others.

To keep in touch with upcoming events and meeting you can join the FB groups
Nimbin Artisans and Forgotten Arts
Northern Rivers Knife Makers and Blacksmithing Group



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