Celebrate Bamboo

Bamboo arbour and fence using B. odhamii and B. tulda

Next annual Bamboo Workshop at Djanbung Gardens: Oct 12-14, 2011

Don’t miss this great hands-on workshop learning about growing, crafting and building with this amazing material

Some interesting Bamboo facts…

Bamboo is the most renewable building resource on Earth. Bamboo is also the fastest growing plant on Earth. It puts out more biomass per acre than any other plant.

As bamboo is shooting and growing it is taking in carbon dioxide and takes in 28% more carbon dioxide than any other plant known to man. Mass bamboo plantings have the potential to clean much of the excess carbon currently in the atmosphere if turned into useful items such as housing or bio-char.

Scientists in China are currently having success with cleaning up toxic waterways with activated bamboo charcoal and amazingly in Italy sheep are incubating an experiment with bamboo being used for bone grafts.

There are massive bamboo plantings going ahead in Africa where forests have been devastated. Plans are to use bamboo for food, housing and fuel in its pure form or charcoal as well as land and waterway restoration.

Bamboo houses have withstood hurricanes and earthquakes untouched in various parts of the Pacific and are quick to erect in times of disaster. Apparently we don’t have the building materials required to house the homeless in Australia let alone the builders so we could be looking at bamboo plantings as insurance for the future and a massive carbon sink. Not to mention its myriad of other uses such as paper, clothing, bike frames, musical instruments, medicine and food.

September 18, 2010 was the first World Bamboo Day. Bamboo’s sustainable properties, environmentally-conscious product applications and relevance are the intertwined themes of the VII World Bamboo Congress happening at that time.

Why not get in the swing of the bamboo solution by participating in Djanbung’s annual bamboo workshop. Next bamboo workshop will be held October 2011, Wed 13-Fri 15.

Learn hands on bamboo construction and crafting; basic clump management, harvest and treatment; traditional construction and joinery techniques; splitting and weaving bamboo screens, bamboo fences and more….

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