I moved up to Nimbin at the start of the year to learn Permaculture and I’ve fallen in love with the place – Olive Sprout.

The community has taught me so much and I feel that I am becoming more involved in my ecosystem day by day. I did my workshop on ‘Communicating with Nature‘ to share my visions of reality and initiate others to do the same.

Consciously sharing imagination and creating reality together in harmony- that is my vision of a strong community and not just on a human level, but between all that is.

When I presented my workshop on Open Day, people were so receptive, so engaged, and it made me realise that we share so much more than we realise. I have never shared ideas that are so close to my heart in such an open way and with so many people. It was an experience more beautiful than I could ever imagine and I now feel more confident with what I have to offer to this world… and that’s why I love Nimbin!

Below is my handout booklet from my workshop

icon Olive Sprout – Open Day 2012 – Communicating with Nature (517.16 kB)

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