First ever Bi-lingual PDC at Djanbung

The TaiHua company in Shenzhen, China is sending its full design team for a major new urban project to Djanbung Gardens to do the PDC (certified Permaculture Design Course) in January 2019. Following the course the 11-person design team will stay on to do a 5-day design workshop to lay the groundwork of planning the project and exploring ways permaculture principle can be realised in the design.

The course will be bi-lingual and conducted in both English and Mandarin. We will have two brilliant translators for the course. Hui-i Chiang and Shaoying Wang.

Hui-i Chiang is one of the leading permaculture teachers and activists in the Chinese-speaking world. Her social enterprise, Earth Passengers, based in Taiwan, has translated several key permaculture books into Chinese and she co-teaches an annual PDC with Robyn Francis in Shenzhen China. Last year (2017) she was a co-teacher of a special advanced Urban Permaculture course held as part of the IPC-13 (International Permaculture Conference) in India. Hui-i and Robyn Francis have co-taught nine translated PDCs in China and Taiwan plus advanced courses in community development, eco-village design and permaculture teacher training. As well as translating, Hui-i will be a special guest teacher in English for some sessions.

Shaoying Wang, originally from China, is living and working in Australia, is deeply involved in permaculture and has extensive experience as a professional translator. Shaoying conducts guided tours of rural China exploring the traditional sustainable agriculture systems. We look forward to her joining the team.

Tai Hua is one of China’s leading edge eco-developers with a commitment to bringing nature back into the city and to reconnect people and nature. The owner, Ronald, completed a permaculture course with Robyn and Hui-i in China in 2013 and since then he has hosted an annual PDC at his offices at Wutong Island in Shenzhen. Each course he sponsors some of his staff to train in permaculture, however for this new project he sending the entire team of architects, engineers and designers to be trained in Nimbin at Djanbung Gardens.

Wutong Island, a TaiHua project, is a lush oasis in Shenzhen city

The new project, in the central business district of Bao-an in Shenzhen, will be high profile and a stark contrast to the glitzy mega mall next door. The project will house 20,000 people in high-rise apartment towers and will feature a commercial area of low-rise buildings, rooftop gardens, an artificial lake for stormwater retention and habitat, a kindergarten, aged housing and a public park. The challenge is to bring permaculture concepts into this kind of environment.

Conceptual model of the new project in Shenzhen – ripe for permaculture input

We are very excited to be part of this project from the beginning and work with the full design team. This course also provides a unique opportunity for native Mandarin speakers to join a bi-lingual PDC in Australia at a well established permaculture site with some of the worlds leading teachers. The course Handbook will be available in both Chinese and English.

More info and registration for the PDC go HERE

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