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Graduate Stories

Changing the world

See what the graduates of Robyn Francis and PCA courses are doing around the world. Inspiring stories of permaculture in practice, transforming properties, communities and working in all sectors of society.

Brommers meets Charlie McGee

Phil Brommley, otherwise known as Brommers, writes about another course graduate, Charlie McGee, in his Home Brew Radio blog... I thought I'd get away from it all and take a break from music and radio. I wanted to learn how to live more sustainably and I'd read and...

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Re-imagining rural Australia

After Toni Robinson completed the Certificate IV in Permaculture  with PCA at Djanbung Gardens  in 2011, she lived and worked on permaculture projects in Thailand for almost 2 years. In March 2014  returned to her home bioregion in rural NSW, Australia, as a...

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Vernal Restor(y)ation!

Kelly McMenimen writes about a permaculture school project turning a problem site into a beautiful frog  habitat - an inspiring  lesson in small and slow solutions. I feel so good about this newly-regenerated vernal pond!  Many years ago there was a vernal pond behind...

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Permaculture at Shearwater School

Lauren Jardine writes of her experience following studies at PCA, Djanbung Gardens, putting her new-found knowledge and skills into practice as a volunteer at Shearwater Steiner School. The Journey Continues..... I have always toyed with the idea of being a teacher...

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Reflections on a year at Djanbung Gardens

'I have truly lived the Permaculture Life at Djanbung Gardens this year. I have learnt more than I imagined and realised that Permaculture is so much more than just growing food! This year has been an amazing journey of truly living the Permaculture life and I would...

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My Internship 2010

My Internship at Djanbung Gardens 2010 - international student Over a cup of coffee in India, I found my recommendation to study permaculture with Robyn Francis.   it came from an accomplished permaculturist who had spent the last twenty years working with the...

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Reflections on Diploma at PCA

Guy Stewart reflects on his APT (Accredited Permaculture Training™) diploma with PCA at Djanbung Gardens.   The Diploma of Permaculture at Permaculture College Australia was an interconnected, multi-disciplinary, self directed project that changed my life -- a...

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Alumni – What past students are doing…

Q:  What do Costa, Rosemary Morrow, Russ Grayson, Steve Cran and Geff Lawton have in common? A:  They all did PDCs with Robyn Francis. People frequently ask 'What are previous course participants doing with their permaculture training?'  or 'Can you recommend former...

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Dganbung Gardens

dganbung means platypus

Djanbung (pronounced with a hard ‘j’ and silent ‘d’) means platypus in the local Wiyabul dialect – the name was given by senior Bundjalung elder and lore keeper, Uncle Eric Walker.

Discover more about the indigenous significance of the Djanbung.