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Natural Cleaning by Robyn Francis


Natural Cleaning
for the kitchen, bathroom, personal hygiene and skin care

by Robyn Francis

This booklet is packed with simple, easy and effective methods for cleaning the home and for personal hygiene. There’s recipes to make your own toothpowders, skincare products, natural soaps and household cleaning products. These simple cleaning products and methods are very cost effective, non-toxic and completely natural.

Did you know…?
“Around 58,000 harmful chemicals are now used in everyday cleaning products and air fresheners, which include carcinogens, endocrine / hormone disrupters and neurotoxins. “

Robyn Francis has been making her own skin care, soaps and cleaning products for over 30 years, and for 8 years produced her own lines of artisanal skin care products to sell at craft markets. She conducts hands-on workshops on natural skin care, cleaning and soap making.

Nuggets of Wisdom with Robyn Francis, this 32 page A5 booklet is packed with practical information, colour photographs and easy to make recipes, printed on 100% recycled paper



  1. Introduction – Naturally Clean
  2. Natural Cleaning Agents
  3. Making Soap
  4. General Cleaning for Kitchen & Bathroom
  5. Love Your Skin
    Personal Hygiene & Skin Care
    Skincare recipes
    Teeth Cleaners
    Hair Care
    Feet and Hands
  1. Grow your own Luffa sponge


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