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Celtic 8-fold Year Garden Chart



Plan a year-round food supply for your garden and orchard with one of these information-packed full colour wall charts.

A complete seasonal guide to planting and harvesting your edible landscape, designed and beautifully illustrated by Robyn Francis. Easy to use - the chart is not tied to a specific calender year so you can keep it on your wall permanently - you dont need to buy a new one for next year, it's a perpetual calendar!

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Product Description


This perpetual calendar of eight seasonal divisions is based on the Celtic-Nordic 8-fold year transposed to the southern hemisphere seasonal cycles defined by the solstices, equinoxes and mid-season festivals.

Each season packed with useful information about….

  • The vegetables to plant this time of year and number of growing weeks before harvest begins, also which companion flowers to plant.
  • Fruit trees in season. The Subtropical version also lists bushfoods in season.
  • Seasonal festival dates for the Southern Hemisphere and their original northern hemisphere dates, plus notes on the traditional festival significance and practical seasonal notes for Australian gardens.
The chart comes in two climate versions: Subtropics and Temperate – please make sure you select the correct one below for your area or select Both Versions and receive them at our discounted price of $35.00

suitable for Northern NSW (Taree to Tweed), Brisbane, SE Queensland, Sunshine Coast (up to Bundaberg)


NSW (Sydney, Central to South Coast, Northern Tablelands, inland areas); Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, South East W.A. & Perth.

Printed on recycled paper.

Size: Subtropic (yellow) chart A2 (420 x 594 mm), Temperate (green) chart over-sized A2

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