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Garden-to-Table Storing the Harvest


Garden-to-Table Storing the Harvest

Join our mother-daughter, permaculture ‘cook and chef’ team for this special four day hands-on learning and food experience — harvesting, processing, preserving, fermenting, cooking and tasting amazing food, garden to table.

Discover delicious dishes to make with unusual vegetables like cassava and taro, Jerusalem artichokes and yakon and how to make your own cassava and arrowroot flour. Make a diverse range of preserves such as jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles, cordials and bottling. Learn the art of fermenting vegetables, making traditional sauerkraut and kimchi. Learn to make Thai and Indonesian curry pastes from scratch with fresh ingredients. We’ll also cover some basic food science and traditions for preserving the harvest plus ideas for using local bushfoods in the kitchen.

Recipes and tasting will include gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and ethical omnivore dishes.

When: Sept 4-12 • Classes every Tues 9am-5pm and Wed 9am-3pm

Cost: $425  covers workshop tuition, notes, recipes, M/A teas, taste-testing and a lunch-time feast on the last day.

Course numbers are limited. Book now.



This mouthwatering and information-packed short course will be facilitated by our permaculture cook and chef team, Robyn Francis and Melian Fertl, who share a lifelong passion for gardening and good food.

Robyn-Francis-basket-wrThe Cook: Robyn Francis, internationally renowned permaculture teacher, author and presenter, has been exploring regional cuisines and food cultures around the world for over four decades, loves to cook, garden and preserve the harvest.

Melian Fertl, permaculture artisan chef, Abundance Cafe

Melian Fertl, permaculture artisan chef, Abundance Cafe

The Chef: Melian Fertl is a qualified chef and permaculturist, with experience in some of Melbourne’s top restaurants. Since 2013 she has managed the vegetable gardens at Djanbung and establish her food enterprise, Abundance Café. Melian is passionate about local food, slow cooking, ferments, eating seasonally and healthy fine foods. She currently balances her work with caring for baby twins.

Djanbung Gardens is a piece of permaculture paradise nestled in the Nimbin valley, just 700m from Nimbin’s main street. The gardens support diverse crops of vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits in an integrated permaculture system. Permaculture College Australia operates the educational programs in the earthbrick training centre and living outdoor classroom. The course will use an el fresco veranda kitchen plus the Abundance Cafe commercial kitchen. Weather-permitting, we make use of a solar oven.


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