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Growing Abundance Food Security Course – Spring

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Learn to grow an abundance of organic food year-round for domestic self-reliance, small scale market gardening and community food security with Robyn Francis and Angela Skehan at Djanbung Gardens.
April 13 – 22, 2019   3 days per week for 2 weeks
Classes are every Tues 9am-5pm, Wed 9am-3pm and Thur 9am-5pm
Full Course Fee:  $595  • Register and pay in full before July 15 for the Earlybird Discount and save $50.
Course fee includes
all tuition, extensive course notes and handbooks, e-resources, discount on items from PCA bookstore, M/A teas.


Ideal for anyone interested in starting up a small-scale market garden or maximising domestic food self reliance. Learn everything from planning a crop planting and harvest calendar, managing soil, making compost and brewed compost teas, crop rotation, companion planting, crop nutrition, seed saving, post harvest handling, and an introduction to organic certification.

Growing Abundance Year Round
Course topics we will cover:
Week 1:  Safe use of tools, tool care and maintenance,  basic botany, plant identification, plant families, and basic propagation techniques
Soil care, analysing and amending soils, compost and compost teas, bed preparation techniques, biochar activation,
Week 2: Planning a year-round food supply,  companion planting and crop rotation systems, succession planting and seed saving, crop nutrition, organic certification requirements, post harvest physiology and handling, Organic integrated pest and weed management, growing and using herbs in the garden

Check out these Garden to Table Storing the Harvest 2-day workshops in September
• Topical tubers
Sep 10-11: how to grow, harvest, store, propagate, cook and prepare a diverse range of tubers and root crops, how to make cassava and arrowroot flour, Tuber feast for lunch on Wednesday.
• Preserving the harvest Sept 17-18  Traditional food storage and preserving techniques, make a range of preserves such as jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles, cordials and bottling. Learn the art of fermenting vegetables, making traditional sauerkraut and kimchi, and make a simple curd cheese and concludes with a feast of what we have made for lunch on Wednesday.


Robyn Francis shares experience from gardening organically for over 40 years, including thirty five years of permaculture teaching and practice around the world. She is passionate about all aspects of food security, self-reliance and and the full garden-to-table process, including traditional food preservation techniques and ethic cuisines.


Angela Skehan is a highly experienced certified organic market gardener and valued member of the PCA teaching team with Associate Diploma of Ag science and Cert IV in Organic Production. Angela is passionate about organic food production and soil care.


Spring Internships – interested in living on site and doing this course as part of a 7-week Gardening and Bamboo training internship?


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