Garden-to-Table: 6-week Internship, Apr-May 2019


6-week immersion course & internship: Mon April 8 – Fri May 17, 2019
2 days theory / 2+ days practical per week

Specialist ‘masterclass’ internship explores all aspects of food production in permaculture systems, from planning, growing and harvesting through to post harvest, storage, preservation, preparation and cooking.  Learn to plan for food security and year-round food supply, practical organic production systems and market gardening. Participate in the full Garden to Table process.

The Garden-to-Table Internship will give you the knowledge and practical skills to grow food year-round and to operate a food production enterprise such as a market garden or CSA, plan, coordinate harvest schedules, post harvest processing and storage including value-added food products.



Garden-to-Table Internship Fee
$1495  (early bird special $1355 before March 15, 2019)
Fee covers 6 weeks living on site plus formal and on-the-job training, equipment and materials, notes and handbook, PPE, use of PCA training resources (library, internet etc), and on-site camping.
You will need to contribute to the communal food kitty.
This internship includes the 12-day Growing Abundance Garden-to Table course.

Limited places are available for the residential Garden-to-Table Internship.  Preference is given to applicants who have previously completed a PDC (Permaculture Design Course).

Please download and submit your application form here… ” color=”green”] Internship Registration Form

A $500 deposit will secure your place. The balance must be paid in full before the Internship commences.

About the internship

This masterclass internship integrates knowledge, technical expertise and practical skills in all aspects of food security and production, from Garden to Table, at Australia’s leading permaculture education centre, Djanbung Gardens.

The April-May internship bridges two major production season in the gardens, when we begin  harvesting tropical tubers and other summer crops and are raising seedlings, preparing and planting beds for the winter garden.

Harvesting tubers and root crops for Garden-to-Table feast

Trainers include Robyn Francis, internationally renowned permaculture teacher & practitioner; Melian Fertl, qualified permaculture chef; Angela Skehan organic market gardener and soil expert, and other members of our professional teaching team.

The internship will involve structured theory classes and on-the-job training, workplace experience, individual and group project work for 24-30 hours per week. Formal class-based training days are Tues and Wed plus 2-3 days per week practical on-the-job training and volunteer work in the gardens and production systems at Djanbung Gardens.

All residential interns will contribute an additional 7-10 hours per week towards general routine chores for the animal systems, garden and farm maintenance, and participate in the roster for housekeeping and communal living chores.

You will learn

Tuber harvest at Djanbung with Robyn Francis and Melian Fertl

  • Organic Gardening and production of a diverse range of crops including vegetables, herbs and tropical tubers, market gardening, food security and what’s involved in organic certification.
  • Essential botany, companion planting, intercropping and crop rotation,
  • Soil testing and nutrient management, different techniques for bed preparation and mulching, integrated pest and weed management,
  • Integrated organic pest and weed management
  • Soil food web, using a microscope, making compost and compost teas,
  • Biochar production, activation and applications.
  • Planning for year round food supply, planting and harvest schedules and seed saving,
  • Caring for fruit trees, pruning and orchard management
  • The full garden to table process, harvest and post harvest treatment and storage systems for fresh produce, making preserves, conserves and fermentation.
  • Food safety and hygiene, and requirements for sale of value-added products
  • Preparing fresh and preserved products for sale
  • Integrated animal systems and small livestock, raising poultry for egg & meat production, humane kill & dress poultry (optional)

Extended internship option: up to three places are available to continue your internship for an additional 3 or more weeks to help with our annual Open Day and fundraiser. The extended internship period will incur no additional cost apart from contributing to the communal food kitty.

Living on site
Camping is at LandsEnd, a separate part of Djanbung Gardens. Enjoy simple off-grid living with solar power, camp kitchen (includes solar oven, T-lud stove, Zeer pot), compost toilet and bush shower.
You will have access to mains power at the main building at Djanbung Gardens including a fridge, internet, library and other resources.



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