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PDC-PLUS 17-day Course Nov 2019

$2,395.00 $2,195.00

Join us for this special 17-day PDC-PLUS, November 1-17, 2019
with Robyn Francis
and the PCA teaching team, Janelle Schafer, Annalise Hordern, Angela Skehan and Guy Stewart.

This extended program paces the classic 12-day certified PDC course over an extra 4 days to allow for additional topics, excursions to permaculture farms and projects in the Northern Rivers. and more hands-on practical sessions to gain hands-on experience in the real-life permaculture systems at Djanbung Gardens.



Course Fee: $2395 (early bird $2195 ends Oct 1) Fees cover all course activities, free camping on site and is fully catered (except for the day off). Fee also includes a hard copy of Robyn Francis’s PDC Handbook, and access to an extensive collection of e-resources.
During the course you will have full access to our extensive reference library, free wi-fi and education centre resources.

Catering is provided by Abundance Cafe, managed by our qualified permaculture chef, Melian Fertl.  Delicious healthy food features a diverse range of ethnic cuisines prepared from garden fresh, local and organic ingredients, mostly vegetarian with some ethical (local, grassfed) meat options.  Vegan and gluten-free diets are also catered for.

Camping space is available on site.  We also have tents for hire and a 4 bed bunk dorm. There are alternative accommodation options available in the village, some within walking distance.

How to register: First please read all the information on our PDC page. Then complete the Registration Form and we will contact you.


If you are paying the full amount please use the online payment option below. If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer or pay a holding deposit, please make your request in the registration form, likewise if you are applying for a special discount for a refresher PDC or for multiple registrations of 2 or more people.

Special discounts
Please complete the registration form and contact us to arrange your payment if you are applying for the following:
Refresher PDC Discount
PCA offers limited places for a special refresher PDC discount ($500). This is available to those who’ve already completed a PDC (here or elsewhere) and wish to consolidate their knowledge for professional work and teaching permaculture.
PA Member discount Permaculture Australia Members are eligible for 10% discount on all PCA courses. Please get your special discount code from the PA website.


Join our living learning community for this extended PDC at Djanbung Gardens, November 1-17, 2019. This 120 hour course includes the full 72-hour certified PDC curriculum plus additional topics, extra practical sessions and excursions.

Doing the PDC at Djanbung Gardens is an inspiring and empowering experience. Learn in a living working permaculture farm where the concepts taught are practiced. Located in the beautiful Nimbin Valley, an area famous for it’s natural beauty, rainforests, sustainability initiatives and alternative culture.

“Loved every action packed minute. Great teacher and methodology, my fellow students all bonded in no time, the “wholesum organic alive food” was a learning experience all of its own. Only the vegie bar in Melbourne can compare to what we ate.” – Tony, Vic

The course is comprehensive introduction to permaculture principles, applications & design practices. The 80+hour PDC at Djanbung Gardens includes the standard certified 72-hour international PDC curriculum initially created by Bill Mollison, co-founder of the Permaculture concept, and further developed by Robyn Francis, international permaculture designer, educator and pioneer.

Our PDC addresses all major climatic zones (temperate, subtropic, tropical & arid) and the breadth of permaculture applications for sustainable urban, rural & bioregional design and development.

Course Topics

  • Robyn Francis, garden forage

    Robyn Francis – walking the talk

    Permaculture principles, ethics, design methodologies, pathways to sustainability and regenerative design

  • Patterns and processes in nature, a biome (climate-based) approach to sustainable management, essential earth systems science and understanding global climate influences and climate change implications in design
  • Soil ecology, organic soil management, soil food web, use of mulches, making compost & compost teas, biochar and ways to build a healthy soil ecosystem
  • Water management planning, collection, storage and conservation, earthworks and aquaculture
  • Forest ecosystems and design of forests for food, forage, fibre, structural materials, habitat, conservation, wildlife, tree-cropping and farm forestry
  • Food producing systems for home gardens, small holdings, urban systems to broad acre farmlands
  • Design to reduce vulnerability to fire, drought, natural disasters, and impacts of global climate change
  • Appropriate technologies, renewable energy systems, and passive solar house design
  • Social Permaculture: Bioregional & community development strategies, urban renewal, eco-village design, community economics, legal structures, community gardens and city farms
    Read more about our PDCs HERE


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