LandsEnd Forgotten Arts Meeting Report

LandsEnd Forge and Forgotten Arts  Workshop & Artisans Collective

Permaculture College Australia Inc, Djanbung Gardens, 74 Cecil St Nimbin

Creating a multi-functional space for artisan trades and crafts to promote awareness & skills sharing in traditional crafts and their contribution to regional self-reliance and sustainability

MEETINGS  3pm at the Repair Cafe, 1st Sunday of the month (March, April, June, July Aug & Sept)


REPORT on results of the Questionnaire (Sep-Oct) and inaugural meeting and Conversation Cafe Nov 3.

The initial steps to engage the community in planning and creating this project involved a questionnaire followed by the an inaugural meeting and Conversation Café on Nov 3, 2016.  This document is reporting back on these two initial processes, based on the report prepared by Aleasa Williams, edited by Robyn Francis



A questionnaire was prepared by Aleasa Williams and was available for people to complete at the Nimbin Show and the Weave and Mend Festival, Sept-Oct 2016

25 people took part in the questionnaire

The Results were encouraging and generated interest and enthusiasm. Most importantly it gave an indication of ways people in the community would like to be involved.



Learning & skills exchangeUsing the workspaceContributing tools/equipmentOther
Making & Mending Tools520%1560%624%416%
Wood & Metal Work728%1664%832%520%
Stone & earth masonry28%1352%624%312%
Natural fibre crafts624%1352%832%624%14%
Appropriate technologies312%1144%416%28%14%
Bamboo Craft & Furniture416%1456%520%28% 
Other Traditional skills, trades and knowledge520%1248%520%312%14%

Interested in Artisan Fairs / Festivals?   Y: 17  68%

Forming an Artisans Collective  Y: 14  56%

Holding regular Repair Cafes   Y: 13  52%

Support fundraising efforts & events Y: 11  44%

Comments on the questionnaire included:

I have an electric welder to share’

‘I can put you in touch with a fully operational 4th generation Blacksmith’

‘I would like the space to be utilised for forums – talk space with a communication stick to pass around’

‘Create small windmills, sterling engines (generator Bedini battery charger)’

‘Learn about bio digesters and aquaponics’

‘Teaching and demonstrating how to create bush furniture and using a mobile mill’


Conversation Café Outcomes Nov 3. 2016

The Conversation Café had eight tables set up with butchers paper and pens for people to discuss and write down ideas. Each table had a different question or theme to explore. Here are the ideas put forward:

  1. What kind of skills & trades do you think are appropriate or may exist

·       Make your own glues, paints, renders


·       Bio-digester


·       Pottery

·       Lapidary


·       Cotton

·       Fabric

·       Weaving



·       Wood

·       Craft

·       Joining

·       Carving


·       Forge / metalwork

·       Small Engine Repair

Other: Leather work, kiln,   biochar, drier (wood/bamboo), Jewellery, silver work




  1. What needs of local artisans could potentially be met?
·       Respectful safe environment

·       Clear boundaries, rules

·       Insurance

·       Public Liability

·       Community Support

·       Safe Waste Disposal

·       Information Sharing

·       Needs Sharing

·       Contact List

·       A Collective

·       A place to achieve our objectives

·       Website

·       Face Book Site

·       Workshop

·       Forge

·       Kiln

·       Storage

·       Trade Tools

·       Promotion

·       Physical Spaces

·       Skill Sharing

·       Sourcing Materials & Supplies


  1. Artisan Collective e.g. What kind of structure /membership, how it might function, specialist guilds/groups, links and connections with other groups/organisations
·       Meetings

·       Cross Promotion

·       Invite / Engage with Inventors

·       Set up as either Co-operative or Non-profit Company

•     Apply for grants

·       Conferences / Speakers

·       National / International Linkups (e.g. Automotive – Johnny Allen, Paul Selwood – Wollombi NSW)

·       Collective Marketing of Members Arts & Products

·       Festival Van

·       Bulk Material Purchase

·       Computer


·       Brewers Collective for Ancient beers / wines

·       Ferments Workshops

·       Bread Making

·       Food Fairs

·       Far Future Transport / Handmade Cars

·       Forgotten Arts Fair (20th March EIGG Island)


  1. What kind of contributions can you offer?
·       Bob – can offer the use of his carpentry work, knowledge of the building industry

·       Amara – can donate a wooden spinning wheel

·       From local properties & scrap metal yards / wreckers, tip

o   scrap metal

o   glass collection – bottle walls, mosaics, brewing bottles

·       Fibre

·       Regeneration

·       Stockmans anvil & other bits

·       Time, love, food


  1. Ideas for fundraising & fundraising events
·       Crowd Funding

·       Sponsorship – local businesses

·       Bands / Local Artists

·       Arts Fair

·       Auction

·       Raffles of artworks / goods

·       Grants

·       Workshops

·       Demonstrations

·       Bus Tours

·       Forgotten Arts Fairs



  1. Ideas for promotion
·       Tourism Potential

·       Short videos about local people & their work

·       Posters Flyers

o   Around local areas

o   Schools

o   TAFE

·       NIM FM

·       Advertisements

o   Newspaper

o   Social Media

·       Local Arts Documentary

·       ‘School Days’

o   Let kids work / play

o   Mend pushbikes etc

·       From plant to fabric workshop

·       Fibre Plant Nursery

·       Auction

o   Of works

o   Create awareness

o   Create funds

o   Lucky door prize

·       ‘Fibre Shed’ – USA, California

·       Fibre Processing Machine

·       Natural Fibre Arts Festival

·       LandsEnd Web page

o   Events

o   Sales of products

o   Workshops / courses

o   Contacts to artisits

o   Forum – Q & A


  1. Repair Café, what kind of and what skills are available?
·       Jewellery

·       Tools

·       Clothing

·       Cooking Utensils

·       Toys

·       House Hold Items

·       DIY

·       Futuristic

o   Organo / Bio-Car

·       House Hold White Goods

·       Small Motors

·       Rebuild Old Engines

·       Bicycles & Bikes

·       Engage with Local Small Engine Repairers


  1. Other thoughts and ideas
·       Provide local services

o   Make / repair

§  Classes

§  Products

§  Tourism

§  Theme / History

·       Wilderness Survival Skills Workshops: Primitive fire making, Shelter, Tracking, Water, Bushfoods, Medicines

·       Brewers Collective

·       Ferments Cheese Making

·       Preserving

·       Artisan Rag Magazine

·       Forgotten Arts Fair

·       Viking Festival @ Armidale every 2nd year • Rognvalds – Lismore Viking Group

·       Local Bunjalung Traditional Knowledge sharing:   Plants, Language, Culture, History

·       Call out for materials on Nimbin Hookups – FB

o   Respond to advertised potential resources by tagging sharing with members


Additional ideas were mentioned at the end of the evening but not documented.

Next steps:

The group decided on another meeting before end of year on Thursday Dec 1.

Support for starting repair cafes in 2017 was strong.

It was also suggested to hold a special event for the autumn equinox in March as a fundraiser with demonstrations of blacksmithing and other arts

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