Party for the Planet – Robyn’s 100th PDC Celebration

robyn francis - portrait - 100.jpg On January 26th everyone is invited to Djanbung Gardens to celebrate
sustainable initiatives and people in action to mark the completion of
Robyn Francis 100th PDC  (Permaculture Design Course), January 11-25. There are still a few places on the course for late registrations.

This milestone, which many colleagues claim is possibly a world-first,
also coincides with a number of significant anniversaries for Robyn: 5
years since permaculture training received national accreditation; 10
years since the permaculture training centre building at Djanbung was
completed; 15 years since work first commenced at Djanbung Gardens to
transform an empty cowpasture; 21 years since Robyn founded
Permaculture International Ltd in Sydney (1987); and 25 years since
Robyn did a PDC and commenced her permaculture career.

Over the past 25 year Robyn has worked tirelessly for a sustainable
future, empowering thousands of people through courses and training,
design and consulting on a diverse projects, facilitating community
initiatives and giving endless voluntary hours of work to the national
and international permaculture movement. She was acknowledged
as a permaculture pioneer and ‘elder’ at the International
Permaculture Conference in Brazil in May 2007.

"This celebration is to acknowledge all the incredible work my former
students are doing around the world, transforming the land, empowering
communities, establishing community gardens, designing ecovillages,
teaching in schools, TAFE’s and universities, establishing ethical
enterprises, working in areas of great poverty and need in Asia, Latin
America and Africa, and as activists for the environment and social
justice" says Robyn.

"We stand at a global threshold, the convergent challenges of  climate
change, peak oil and ecological collapse must be met in a creative way
and with absolute dedication – 2008 is a critical year for the future
of all, for future generations and life as we know it on this planet.
We have the knowledge and skills, what we need is the commitment to
make the necessary changes in our personal lives and collectively as
communities – we need to rise above our petty concerns and remind
ourselves constantly of what is at stake and exercise the will power to
do what needs to be done"

The Party for the Planet celebration on the 26th calls for giving and
sharing – musicians, dancers, poets, fire-twirlers are invited to share
their gifts for the planet, everyone is invited to bring food and
drinks to share. Entry will be by donation and some food and drinks
available by donation-donations in cash or kind including written
promises of donations of time, skills and resources. The event aims to
raise funds for the Cuba Australia Permaculture Exchange, a project
based on the 2-way gifting of skills and expertise.

Past course students (there are hundreds in the Rainbow Region) and all
who have been involved in Djanbung Gardens over the years are
particularly invited, plus friends, colleagues and anyone concerned
with our collective future – the most important thing this "Invasion
Day" is to make a commitment to sustainability and from the lessons of
the past look to how we can transform our future – come and help us
Part for the Planet!

The 100th PDC will feature guest tutors including Virginia Solomon from Melbourne, Jan Penklis of Sydnet and local permaculture trainers and practitioners Janelle Schafer, Peter Hardwick, Jake Shedden and others.

The 100th PDC will conclude on Friday evening Jan 25th with the celbration on Saturday 26th commencing from 2pm with open garden, tours of Djanbung and visual displays. The evening party will be an open mike ‘brackets and jam’ with local guest musicians, belly dancing and other entertainment. Past students, course graduates and colleagues are invited to spend a relaxed Sunday networking with each other.

Djanbung Gardens, 74 Cecil St Nimbin
Ph 6689 1755

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