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PCA and Djanbung Gardens Protocols

by | Feb 10, 2013

Class Attendance
Students are responsible for attending the necessary classes and training activities. Prior notice should be given where possible if you are unable to attend or will be arriving late, or notify the trainer as soon as possible when prior notice is not possible
Students are not to attend course activities under the influence of legal or illegal substances (pot, alcohol, DMT, speed, valium etc) which impair ability to concentrate and interact effectively. Students who are prescribed medications by a doctor, which may have side effects impacting on class performance or social interactions, should discretely inform the tutor or supervisor.

Social Code of Behaviour
Please respect non-smoking areas in buildings and on verandas and smoke only in the dedicated smoking areas. Smoking paraphernalia such as bongs are not permitted on the property.
Alcohol may be consumed socially on the site in moderation after classes have ended for the day. Drunkenness and drunken behaviour is not tolerated. Please be aware of the sensitivities of teetotallers, and be mindful that some people may have had past issues with alcohol or other substances.
Be polite, considerate and respectful to all visitors, guests, other students and staff on the property. Harassment or bullying of any kind are not tolerated
Accept responsibility for the safety of your own belongings and valuables on the site.

Computer & Internet
Students need to provide their own computer for course work.
Wifi internet is available in the main building and carriages.
Printer & Photocopier– there is a printer and a photocopier located in the classroom for student use. There is an honesty box to pay for printing and copying to cover the costs of consumables. Associated costs for ink and paper are the responsibility of the Student Collective, not the College.

Students are encouraged to make good use of the library. Use of the library is subject to the following conditions
•    books are not to leave the main building
•    books not to be left on the verandas
•    please return books to the correct section after use
•    handle books carefully – do not bend spines back or fold pages as markers
•    report any damaged books and seek instructions for repair

Videos and DVDs
When watching videos and DVDs let others know so they can join you – this saves on unnecessary use of electricity, and wear & tear on equipment.
Please handle DVDs carefully, • do not touch the data side of the disk • do not place on tables or other surfaces • do not leave out of case except when in use
IMPORTANT all DVDs and videos used to be immediately returned safely to their proper sleeve/case and returned to the shelf
Some DVD’s not stored in the general library may be borrowed from the office with a deposit
FIRST AID KIT is located in main room

Main Building

Main Room
The main room is available for student use as a common room outside of class activities and venue bookings subject to the following protocols:
Always leave the room tidy after class and personal use: clean up after use, put chairs back to tables or usual location, leave sofa neat and arrange cushions, deal with used cups etc.
TV viewing & playing music –permitted only if it does not interfere with others using the space for study
Shut down computers and switch off all electrical appliances at the wall to reduce unnecessary ‘stand-by’ electricity consumption.
Evenings – do not leave lights on when room is not in use. Avoid using spotlights (for event usage only). Please close all doors in the evenings when finished.
Treat the earthbrick walls and floor with care – they damage easily. Please don’t scrape tables or furniture on the floors when moving them and please don’t rock back on chairs.
A roster will be established for cleaning the main room and public veranda areas.

The canteen kitchen is not for general or personal use.
Tea-making facilities are available on the veranda area for day students, plus cups, plates and some cutlery. Please keep the veranda sink area clean and tidy
Please do not borrow equipment from the kitchen or take mugs, cutlery etc from the main building to the carriages. (conversely don’t leave mugs or plates from the carriage kitchen in the main building area)
A roster will be established for assisting with any scheduled course communal meals cooked in the canteen kitchen, for cleaning the kitchen – this will involve being trained into specific canteen kitchen protocols.

Veranda areas
You are welcome to use these areas but do leave things neat and tidy. Always remember this is a public space and needs to be kept free of safety hazards.
Please push chairs back under the table after use and return furniture to usual position if they have been moved for special occasions or activities.
The seed bank and processing area is in the back section of the western verandah.
Under no circumstances are library books to be left out on the verandas.

Make sure you know where the fire hydrants are located in case of fire

Evenings and Sundays: only contact Melian, Andrew, Caroline, Robyn or other responsible staff if there is an emergency or very important matter that requires immediate attention

Please pay attention to the main building orientation and protocol session and do not hesitate to ask if you are unsure of anything.

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