Permaculture Practices • SPRING Internship Program

July19 – September 25, 2010

with Permaculture College Australia at Djanbung Gardens

This unique opportunity offers the chance to spend 10 weeks in a living learning community at Djanbung Gardens, one of permaculture’s leading training centres. The program fast tracks applied knowledge and skills training, beyond the PDC, to be more effective as a practicing permaculturist and agent of change in your work and community.

There are limited placements for Permaculture Practices interns to join our on-going accredited training program at the beautiful Djanbung Gardens Campus for 10 weeks of class and practical training and project work, beyond the PDC.  These Internships are only available to people who have already completed a PDC.


Applied knowledge training will include:

•    Basic botany, plant identification and plants in Permaculture
•    Design for food security and year-round supply, small crop production
•    Preserving, fermentation and crop storage systems
•    Food forests and orchards
•    Integrated Pest and Weed management in permaculture
•    Seed Saving and managing a Permaculture seed bank
•    Water systems, waste-water treatment and composting toilets
•    Soil Food Web and Compost Teas
•    Integrated Permaculture Design
•    Community development:  planning and promoting community programs, event management, communications and working with cultural diversity
•    Field trips to established Permaculture properties and projects


Practical training and project work

•    Participate in a wide range of activities relating to all the above knowledge topics
•    Hands-on Work in a wide range of Permaculture systems
•    Natural building, bamboo construction and appropriate technology projects
•    Propagation, planting, harvesting and processing Permaculture crops: herbs, vegetables, spices, fruit trees, fodder and craft plants
•    Learn to make Herbal ointments, oils and vinegars
•    Soap-making and natural cleaning products
•    Animal systems management and care: chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs
•    Team work organising the Annual September Spring Equinox Do It Yourself Day


Tutors and trainers from our faculty of experienced practitioners include: Robyn Francis, Janelle Schafer, Peter Hardwick, Hogan Gleeson , Peter Gibson, Gilbert Loutit and others. Please note; Robyn Francis, experienced Designer and Consultant will be taking you through the steps of developing a Professional design, Site Analysis and Client Brief in the first Unit the Advanced Design Skills component of our training. Janelle Schafer, qualified horticulturist and 20 years experience of practical Permaculture will then run the exciting Botany, Food Forest and Integrated Pest and Weed Management Units in August and will be co-ordinating the Tutors for Soils and Water in the the September Program, while Robyn is teaching in France. Robyn is returning to run the Plants in Permaculture, Small Crops and Post-harvest Units in September. We will then be preparing for and running our exciting Do It Yourself day on Sepember18 the Spring Equinox.

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