Providing quality training and education in permaculture design and sustainable practices.

Experience quality training in a living learn-scape where the concepts taught are practiced.

From practical lifestyle and self-reliance to professional design and community facilitation, PCA offers a diverse range of courses, workshops and programs to empower you to live and work in harmony with nature, regenerate the land and facilitate social change. Robyn Francis, international permaculture educator and pioneer, is the principal curricula and program designer of our courses, and key player in the national accreditation of permaculture vocational qualifications.

Our programs are student-focussed, integrating creative facilitation, experiential learning, informative presentations and stimulating group work in a supportive environment. Our faculty of trainers and staff are highly qualified and experienced permaculture practitioners. Our graduates are working as effective agents of changes in all climates and continents.

Courses at Djanbung Gardens employ creative facilitation, experiential and interactive learning together with dynamic informative presentations to empower students in a cooperative and supportive environment.

Principal tutor, Robyn Francis , shares a wealth of 35 years experience in international permaculture education and design, having taught 150 PDC's and over 100 specialist advanced courses and seminars throughout Australia, NZ, Indonesia, Cuba, India, Taiwan, China, USA, France, Iceland and Germany since 1983. Robyn founded Permaculture College Australia to operate the educational programs at Djanbung Gardens with a dynamic team of qualified and experienced trainers and practitioners.