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Advanced Courses

Already completed a PDC and seeking further skills? 
Advanced Courses and masterclass workshops with Robyn Francis for Professional Development in Permaculture – beyond the PDC.

Advanced Design Skills (4-5 days) learn specific skills for professional design and consulting, drawing up plans, costs, contracts, develop briefs, practical tips and tricks of the trade. https://permaculture.com.au/information/courses/advanced-design-skills/
Permaculture in Sustainable Aid Work (6-7 days) specific knowledge and facilitation skills for working in sustainable development programs. It is recommended (though not essential) to have previously completed a PDC before doing this course.
Social Permaculture – Creative Community Facilitation (4-6 days) learn facilitation techniques and inclusive processes for participatory planning and design, community consultation, program development, and adusting for human and cultural diversity. PDC recommended but not essential.
Permaculture Teacher Training (6-7 days) learn creative facilitation techniques and processes, how to develop curricula, session plans and organise training programs. PDC essential.

Most of the above are offered annually at Djanbung Gardens. Robyn Francis often teaches these programs overseas.

Internships  at Djanbung Gardens have a PDC prerequisite  Read more about the  Internships here.

Refresher PDC

We offer a special discount for those who’ve already completed a PDC and would like to refresh their knowledge.  You can apply to do a refresher PDC with us for a $500 discount off the full course fee and in exchange be a resource person for other participants and support the teaching team. Check out our upcoming PDCs here.
Greening an Existing Career, Profession or Trade
For professionals and trades people looking to bring permaculture perspectives into their work, the PDC 72+hr Permaculture Design Course is the minimum training required to use permaculture professionally. This option is popular with planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, environmental scientists, developers, green entrepreneurs, social workers, teachers and people involved in horticulture, agriculture and overseas aid.

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