PDC: Permaculture Design Courses

Immerse yourself in permaculture for an intensive living, learning experience with PCA at Djanbung Gardens for our residential PDC intensive. Gain the knowledge and skills to design your property, create abundance, build resilient community and bring practical sustainability into your personal life, profession and workplace.

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PDC: Permaculture Design Courses

PDC – August

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PDC: Permaculture Design Courses

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) March 2021


"Doing the PDC at Djanbung Gardens is an inspiring and empowering experience. Learn in a living working permaculture farm where the concepts taught are practiced. Located in the beautiful Nimbin Valley, an area famous for it’s natural beauty, rainforests, sustainability initiatives and alternative culture."

“Loved every action packed minute. Great teacher and methodology, my fellow students all bonded in no time, the “wholesum organic alive food” was a learning experience all of its own. Only the vegie bar in Melbourne can compare to what we ate.” – Tony, Vic

“My PDC was a life-changing experience, and I recognize that much of this was due to the careful planning and consideration that had gone into the teaching to make it as effective as possible as a learning experience.” – Mari, USA