Questionaire for the Neighbours of the Headers Soccer Field



This is a courtesy visit.  We are students from Djanbung Gardens Permaculture School  We have been approached by the Headers Soccer Club regarding the future landscaping of the Headers soccer grounds.  We would like to consult with you as neighbours of the soccer ground regarding the following questions

1/  Do you own of rent this property?


2/  Do you enjoy living next to a soccer field?


3/  Do you like watching the games, or would you prefer more privacy?


(We are looking to plant small trees and shrubs as a habitat for butterflies and birds.  Mostly small flowering natives and  bushfoods.)

3/  Are you open to vegetation planting on your boundary with headers soccer club?


4/  We don’t wish to negatively impact on your views, do you want plants growing higher than you fenceline?


5/   Do you mind if we establish some ground heights from inside your backyard as a tool for species selection?