Repair Cafe at Djanbung

Most of us have things that need a little repair or maintenance, but often it’s hard to find the time and/or the tools or skills to do the job. The idea of the Repair Café is to bring people together to help each other repair and maintain things in a fun and sociable atmosphere.

Nimbin’s first Repair Café will be held at Djanbung Gardens on Sunday March 5, 10am-4pm.

We will be hosting regular Repair Cafes throughout the year on the first Sunday of the following months — March, April, June, July, August and Sept — as part of the ‘Forgotten Arts’ initiative.

Nimbin Artisan Collective meetings will be held at 3pm on Repair Cafe days to plan upcoming events such as themes for future repair cafes, forge & black smithing days, Artisan fairs and other activities.

The Repair Café in March will focus on mending clothing and maintaining garden tools. Bring along your favourite clothing that needs a hole darned or patched, a seam sewn etc. Please bring sewing gear, we’ll also have some basic needles & thread available for use and have been donated a sewing machine for you to use.

We’ll also have an area set up for garden tool maintenance, learn how to sharpen your secateurs, brush hooks, blades and knives, sand and oil handles. We’ll have sharpening stones, sandpaper, linseed oil and other basic maintenance resources available for use.

You are welcome to bring other items you’d like to repair by hand, please bring what you need for doing it. This could include things like restringing your guitar or mending a basket or hat, knitting, crocheting and other easy repair jobs.

Future Repair Cafes will have special themes and workshops, such as bicycle maintenance and taking care of your mower and small motors, drum tuning and re-skinning. Let us know if you have specific skills to share with the community to help maintain, repair, and extend the lifecycle of things. If you’re on Facebook, please join the Nimbin Artisans & Forgotten Arts Group

Abundance Café will be open with yummy local food and refreshments for sale.


Djanbung has a kiddies play area. Free wi-fi and a great library of practical books.

We simply request that you take home what you bring (we don’t want abandoned items left here) and please make a contribution to the donation box for materials and tools we provide for use.

Robyn Francis

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