bboo-fence-arbour Bamboo Internships – Placements for August-Nov 2013

Want to emmerse yourself in bamboo action??? 

Join us for 3 months for the annual bamboo harvest at Djanbung Gardens.

You will receive on-the-job training in bamboo clump management, harvest, trimming, treating, curing and storing plus making bamboo screens, fences and structures, and supporting the annual bamboo workshop.

This is a “Work-for-Wisdom” volunteer placement involving  20 hours/week input in exchange for accommodation and on-the-job training. Additional work hours can be credited towards participating in other PCA workshops and courses. 

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PCA 8-10 Week Permaculture Practices Internships

Immerse yourself in a Permaculture Practices internship to hone up on applied knowledge, practical skills and a professional edge to your permaculture work. There are 4 internships in 2012 commencing in February, April, July and September. Each internshp program is unique, so you can choose the program that best suits your learning needs and aspirations. 

These internships in applied permaculture are suitable for international students on a visitor or working holiday visa, which generally allows for 11-17 weeks of full time study, depending on visa type and conditions. Applicants will need to check out their specific visa conditions with Australian immigration authorities. These courses are not registered with CRICOS for student visa.

Program Descriptions…

Key streams for each program work with the seasonal cycles and are integrated with the APT (Accredited Permaculture Training™) and community education programs at Djanbung Gardens.

For example Program #1 includes the PDC whereas the other programs have a PDC pre-requisite. Program #2 is Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, the time for growing temperate vegetables and harvesting tropical summer crops, whereas Program #3 is late winter-early spring when we harvest tempertate crops and bamboo and plant warm temperate (Mediteranean) and tropical gardens. Program #4 is focussed on tropical crops, ongoing bamboo harvest and construction projects and skills for sustainable aid work. Some programs have a greater community development component than others.

Please read on for more info about these internships, core features common to all programs plus the unique features and activities of the individual terms.


ALL internship programs include the following:

  • Comprehensive course notes and PCA handbooks for training modules
  • Hands-on Work Experience with a wide range of working Permaculture systems
  • Structured and independent project work to ground and consolidate your learning
  • Practical gardening skills: bed preparation, mulching, planting, harvesting, maintenance, seed saving
  • Plant knowedge and propagation
  • Animal care and maintenance (Poultry including chickens, ducks, pigs, earthworms)
  • Field trips to established Permaculture properties and projects
  • Occupational health and safety, safe work practices
  • Tool maintenance and care, use of range of handtools
  • Team work, leadership, communications and customer relations
  • Community living skills and practicing sustainability living 24/7
  • Access to college classroom, library and broadband wifi internet 24/7
  • Adopt or Share a plot in the student garden
  • Learn to conduct tours of the gardens, public presentation skills
  • Options to participate in community sustainability, transition initiatives, school and community gardens
  • Opportunities to participate in village cultural activities, yoga, tai chi, bellydance, bushwalking, music and arts
  • Access to local networks of people with diverse skills, trades and expertise and almost 4 decades of experience in organics, natural building, alternative technology, intentional community, bioregional development and international work.

in addition to the above, the unique training modules and workshops of the 4 internship programs are detailed below


Program #1  •  Feb 17 – April 17, 2014

9-week program • Late Summer • includes PDC no prerequisites

  • Full 72-hour PDC Permaculture Design Course plus:
  • Advanced Design Skills: drawing & drafting skills
  • Client communications, brief, customer relations
  • Surveying, base plans, site assessment
  • Compost, soil regeneration techniques, soil testing
  • Appropriate technology, alternative energy systems
  • Passive solar design and principles of natural building
  • Practical gardening with temperate vegetables and herbs
  • Integrated Animal system management, raising young poultry



Program #2 • April 28-June 19, 2014

8  week internship • Autumn • PDC pre-requisite

  • Plants in Permaculture, basic botany, plant families, propagation
  • Food Forests & Orchards, Small crops: vegetables, herbs & spices
  • Post harvest storage and preservation of crops
  • Design for year-round food supply & crop rotation
  • Integrated organic pest and weed management
  • Integrated Animal system management
  • Urban design, edible landscapes
  • Community development:  promoting community programs, event management
  • Communications, giving presentations and conducting workshops
  • Organising the annual June Open Day


Program #3 • Aug 4-Sept 25, 2013

8 week internship • late winter-early spring • PDC pre-requisite

  • Design Skills, drafting & drawing plans, client communication
  • Costing Project and  Implementation Planning,
  • Composting Toilets and Wastewater Systems,
  • Restoration Ecology & Bushfoods,
  • Soil Food Web, Compost and Compost teas,
  • Seed Saving and Managing a Seed Bank,
  • Integrated Animal system management
  • Bamboo management, harvest, treatment, crafting & construction,
  • Biochar-making and Blacksmithing workshops,
  • Tropical veg and spices harvest, storage, planting and crop management,


Program #4 • Sept 1- Oct 23, 2014

8 week internship • Spring • PDC pre-requisite

  • Bamboo management, harvest, treatment, crafting & construction,
  • Biochar-making and Blacksmithing workshops
  • Tropical veg and spices harvest, storage, planting and crop management
  • Community Facilitation for Human and Cultural Diversity
  • Sustainable Aid Course
  • Developing a strategic plan and research program
  • Major Bamboo/Natural building construction projects
  • Appropriate technology projects
  • Integrated Animal system management

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