Bushfoods Cookbook – a gourmet gardener’s guide by Robyn Francis


Robyn Francis, permaculture pioneer, creative cook and avid gardener, introduces her favourite bushfoods , from garden to table; ways to include these plants in urban and rural garden landscapes; tips for using them in the kitchen; menu ideas, plus 30 mouth-watering recipes: salad dressings, sauces, main dishes, damper, desserts, conserves and beverages.

“The fruits and aromatic leaves of the tropical and subtropical rainforests of Eastern Australia provide a whole new palette of spices, fragrances and flavours for the adventurous cook. These uniquely Australian flavours, merged with the creativity stimulated by living in a multicultural society, readily give rise to an endless array of culinary innovations. “

Nuggets of Wisdom with Robyn Francis, this 28 page A5 booklet is packed with useful information, colour photographs and delicious recipes, printed on 100% recycled paper.