Permaculture Design Course (PDC) March 2025


March 29-April 12, 2025

Immerse yourself in permaculture for a 2-week living, learning retreat at Djanbung Gardens. Be empowered with knowledge and skills to design your property, create abundance, build resilient communities, regenerate the land and bring practical solutions into your personal life, profession and workplace.

A comprehensive exploration of permaculture principles, applications & design practices, the 90 hour PDC at Djanbung Gardens includes the standard 72-hour international PDC curriculum. It addresses all major climatic zones (temperate, subtropic, tropical & arid) and the breadth of permaculture applications for regenerative urban, rural & bioregional design and development.

Our permaculture training gives special attention to climatic zones represented by course participants. The course meets a common international standard as a foundation course for permaculture practitioners and teachers.

Our PDC is lead by international permaculture pioneer and educator Robyn Francis and the PCA team, Annaliese Hordern, Angela Skehan, John Button and guests.

Fantastic! Inspiring, informative, practical, engaging.” – Niall, Ireland

Informative, creative, relevant, cram packed, up to date” – Aleasa, NSW

An excellent course. This course helped deepen my understanding of permaculture. I felt deeply inspired to step up into leadership for the changing world.” Jason, USA

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