Planning Year-round Production PG-3


The Permaculture Gardener – Online Course Series
Learn to grow an Abundance of Food Year-Round for Self-reliance using permaculture principles and techniques


Module 3:  Planning for Year-round Production • Growing Abundance
Robyn Francis

Learn how to work with the seasons to grow fresh food all year-round, when and how much to plant and how long until your plants produce. Discover simple harvesting strategies and tips for post harvest storage to maximise production, and the quality and nutritional value of your home grown food.
Discover how to grow, harvest and use some wonderful tubers including Jerusalem artichoke, cassava, taro, yams, Qld arrowroot, turmeric, sweet potato and more, and discover which ones have edible leaves. This module ends with an inspiring session on creative ways to integrate herbs in your garden ecosystem and tips on how to grow and use them.

1 •
Planning through the seasons – planting & harvest schedules
2 • Tips for Harvest and post-harvest storage
3 • Incredible Edible Tubers, how to grow, harvest and use them
4 • Herbs in an Integrated Permaculture Garden

Course teacher:
Robyn Francis shares experience from gardening organically for over 40 years, including three decades of permaculture teaching and practice around the world. She is passionate about food security, self-reliance and the full garden-to-table process. Robyn Francis manages Djanbung Gardens and is the principal of Permaculture College Australia.

Course Fee:  $75 includes 1 month of unlimited access to video recordings of all 4 sessions, course notes and e-resources

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