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Visit to Al’s

AL'S FARM The third farm we visited was Al's in Barkersvale. Al is one of the major suppliers of honey for this area. He currently has 8 bee hives. Usually he has around 16 hives but half he has lost to small hive beetle. Opening the hive. Before opening up the hive...

BAMBOO: The Wood That Would Be King!

Bamboo, the king of wood? Bamboo is arguably the most versatile plant on the planet. By far, it is the most prolific of all plants. In China bamboo is the symbol of longevity and in India it is the symbol of friendship. Technically a grass, bamboo is the fastest...

Bioregional Report APT Cert4, 2008

all APT CertIV participants, 2008 This is your document for collectively working on your bioregional report. Past table of contents here as master list. if you add a heading please ensure you insert both here in the table of contents and in the applrpriate location in...