New Life in Shenzhen

The big industrial city life has seeding and flourishing life… Imagine yourself in the thick of smog that limits your vision to only three unit blocks standing at 10 stories high away, humidity pressing onto your shoulders and chest, people absolutely everywhere and every opportunity is taken to stack stuff onto small motorbikes, buzzing and …

IPC11 Cuba Report

Robyn Francis and Melian Fertl, representing PCA and Djanbung Gardens, joined over 420 delegates from 47 countries converging in Cuba for the 11th International Permaculture Convention, November-December 2013. Robyn reports on the experience.

Tale of Two Communities – driving solutions

Here are two very inspiring stories of mainstream communities thinking outside the box to create collaborative solutions to local sustainability issues in Goulburn and Geelong. The Tale of Goulburn Valley…  “Our agenda is food sovereignty, food sustainability. This is what we are creating with this broad community cooperative.”

Art, Activism and Permaculture

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, known for instigating the famous bicycle protest at Copenhagen, explain how permaculture influences their approach to activism and civil disobedience – this interview with the Laboratory’s co-founders Isa Fremeaux and John Jordan is from the new book Art and Activism in the Age of Globalisation

Design for the Human Lifecycle

It seems to be a common failing in a society that is so peer-oriented, that people rarely seem to design and plan for the changing needs of the full human life cycle. It is easy to relate to the here and now, and the needs of our immediate, short-term future. As permaculture designers we need …

Shaping the Future

The call to become an effective agent of change There is a rising tide of awareness of an urgent need to change, which has been accelerating rapidly over the past 12 months. Most people now accept the reality of climate change, and it’s connection to increasing droughts, water crises and extreme weather events, and accept …

Dynamics of Culture

Some thoughts on the issues of teaching in other cultures Cultures are dynamic and human memory short – I have been alarmed at the rapidity of change, at the loss and erosion of sustainable traditional practices as ‘Green Revolution’ techniques and concepts introduced only a few decades ago have been accepted and applied unquestioningly in …