New Life in Shenzhen

The big industrial city life has seeding and flourishing life… Imagine yourself in the thick of smog that limits your vision to only three unit blocks standing at 10 stories high away, humidity pressing onto your shoulders and chest, people absolutely everywhere and every opportunity is taken to stack stuff onto small motorbikes, buzzing and …

Permaculture Student creates garden for Nimbin’s aged

Garden for the aged opening at Nimbin Community Centre

At Djanbung Gardens we actively look for opportunities for our students to gain real-life experience supporting community projects in Nimbin. Last year we heard through the village grapevine that the Nimbin Aged Care and Respite Service (NACRS) were needing help to make a garden for the aged. We got in touch and the project was …

Macro to Micro: Introducing Eco-Social Matrix

The Eco-Social Matrix (ESM) developed by permaculture designer, Robyn Francis, provides a useful tool for bioregional planning, human settlement and ecovillage design, transition initiatives, and for thinking more deeply about the consequences of where we live in terms of accessing our needs and interacting with community