Bamboo in Permaculture with Robyn Francis

Robyn Francis in Buddha-belly bamboo clump

I love Bamboo; growing, eating, crafting, building, and listening to the sounds of creaking culms and rustling leaves in the wind. It provides me with microclimates, windbreaks, privacy screens, animal fodder, wildlife habitat, an endless supply of mulch, delicious tender eating shoots, an abundance of materials for the garden and building small structures, and sequesters …

The Underground Gardens of Fresno, California

This was a grand adventure for a day off during the PDC in Southern California, a trip to Fresno to visit the amazing underground gardens. Created by Baldassare Forestiere in the early 1900’s, this 10 acre underground labyrinth was hand dug over 40 years with a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow.